Photographer recommendations please :)

This will be my second wedding and FI's first, because my parents already paid for one wedding they are not paying for this one.  We decided to ask my future in-laws if we could use their backyard for our wedding to try to save some money.  Not only did they agree but are extremely excited that the wedding will be at their house.  On top of their excitement they offered to pay for the caterer, officiant, and photographer.  When we had this discussion we all agreed that we wanted to use the same photographer that they had at FSIL's wedding in 2010.  Unfortunately, this photographer has not only moved across the country but also stopped doing weddings altogether.  So now I am trying to come up with other options to present to FI's parents since they are paying for this.

Re: Photographer recommendations please :)

  • Kathleen Hertel Photography (our, love love her!)

    Colleen Losh Photography (photojournalistic style)

  • I loved my photographer, she FB messages you back within seconds sometimes, it's ridiculous.  They are based out of NC but they travel.  They are called Meet the Burks, a husband and wife team.

    Other ones in the area I considered were Trang Dam, Dani Leigh, Natalie Franke and my Maid of Honor is using Carol Ruth Photography (more affordable).  If you are on a budget I also recommend Brenda Murphy.

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  • Check out Courtney Anton Photography.

    The wedding work that I have seen of hers is really lovely.
  • Persnickity Photography. She is A-MAZING! Fast response
    Times, super friendly and VERY reasonable.
  • Dani Leigh Photography. She's amazing. 

    Here's my engagement sesh on her blog if it's helpful:
  • Bradley Images. After looking through a lot of photographers and scouring for good deals, this company was the one that had the most affordable pricing for what I needed, and I personally know many people who have used the company or have been to weddings where they were used and loved them. The basic package is around $1500 for one photographer for 11 hours which will give you three CDs of tons of photos (not watermarked) and some prints, along with an engagement session. The only thing is you won't know exactly who the photographer is until closer to your wedding. I decided to take that chance simply because I have heard only good things from so many people.
  • Here are some recommendations we interviewed:  Carmen Wang Photography, Lisa Boggs Photography, Michelle Lindsey Photography.
  • Pic Five Photography
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    I don't know where you are located but my wedding is in Southern Maryland and I booked with jana weaver
    My friend referred her to me
    Best of luck! :))
  • We used Luke Eshleman for our e-pics.  Beautiful photos, especially if you want something more candid and photojournalistic.  He mainly shoots in the Baltimore-DC area.

    Good Luck!
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  • Hello, First off Congrats on your engagement!

    I am a local photographer that works within the MD, PA areas. My company, Twisted Images Photography is a unique company. I say this because every time when I shoot, I am aware of the motives and intent behind my photography. When someone ask, why do you shoot photography? Often the answer would be “Well, I shoot because I enjoy it” or “I like taking beautiful picture”.

    I take my time and place my thought into every photography asking myself, "what story should be told here?" And with that thought,I photograph so all my images not only come to life, but also have personality. So when the photograph is in front of the client, they know the story, and they are living it again.

    The other thing I ask myself when I shoot is, "What’s the inspiration that I want others to know?" Whether I take inspiration from a child paying in a sandbox, to the leaves blowing in the breeze and flowers blooming in the spring. I find my inspiration in everyday life.

    I believe another thing that makes Twisted Images Photography stand out is my motivation. A lot of people can pick up a camera and take shots, but what motivation or drive do they have. Mine personally is my love to capture things that people want to hold onto for the rest of their life. I brings me joy to see a client's eyes light up when they see their wedding photo's, the same look they have when they walked down the isle. Happiness & Joy. These things drive me to learn more and push myself to be better every shoot so I can keep getting those eye sparkling reactions.

    In short, I would like to put it in few word; “The value of an image lies in the eyes of the creator”. Every time when we looks into a photograph, it is actually reflecting on the photographer, the person and the pursues of his/her heart. These are the real hidden jewels that is why Twisted Images Photography is distinctive from the rest. Because it is Twisted Images Photography and Twisted Images Photography alone, there is no other Twisted Images Photography, only we can create these kind of masterpieces.

    Please feel free to check out my work at or you can also see our featured listing on here "the knot" .

    We offer packages at affordable prices and even offer to make custom packages to suite all our bride's needs.

    Hope to speak with you soon :)

  • We fell in love with Brodie Ledford Photography right away! Brodie and everyone on his team are fantastic! We were looking for something that was different and special, Brodie offered that to us. The pictures are so unbelievably great and it was so much fun! We recommend Brodie Ledford Photography to everyone! Good Luck!
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