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I have read a lot of good things about Amy Lacey Weddings on here and she happened to be the Day Of for my friend's wedding last weekend. She was so much fun and I never saw her sit down! (except to grab a few bites to eat for about .2 seconds) I introduced myself to her and got her card and we talked for a little bit. her Day Of fee is less than $1,000 and she doesn't have an hour limit, PLUS she does the rehearsal and ceremony! She has been doing this a long time, but keeps her prices budget friendly (so poor people like me can afford to have a day of!) She has a bride penciled in on the date I want but if she doesn't sign a contract I'm next in line! Fingers crossed!

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    I am using Amy and my fingers are crossed for you! She is awesome so far. Good luck!

  • I'm using her as well, and so far I'm super pleased!
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  • Jut found out Amy is available for my date!  Yippie!!  I HIGHLY recommend her, she has been so fun to talk to and has brought things to my attention that I haven't eve thought about yet!  I'm so happy!  If you have thought about hiring a Day Of, hire Amy Lacey!
  • The best day of coordinator I have seen is Valarie Meier with Day of Bliss. www.dayofbliss.com
  • Oh, I'm not looking for one, I've found one!  But thanks!
  • Thanks to your post and others on here, I just hired Amy as well! Valarie was also recommended to me by another vendor; however, her prices were quite a bit more in case anyone else is looking.
  • I spoke to my Coordinator today (Amy Lacy) and she said a few of you ladies have contacted her from me posting.  That's so great!  She has also referred me to a couple of vendors that are really well priced.  So glad we can all help each other out, keep the vendor referrals coming girls!
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