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Intro and Veil question

Hi, I'm new to the board, never really expected to be here but at 52 I am now engaged for the first time and we've set a date of November 11. My FI was married for two short years 40+ years ago and no one in the family ever met her so for all intents and purposes this is a first marriage for both of us. We've been together for 12 years and have been living together for about 8 and I never had plans for us to get married so this is a huge surprise. We've decided on a backyard wedding for 75, with a heated tent for the reception as well as the ceremony if it's chilly. I'm in NC so it could be gorgeous or it could be quite cool. I'm leaning towards a chiffon evening gown in ivory, he's wearing a dark suit. My question is, is it tacky to wear a veil at my age . And, if not, I have a pixie cut. Can I successfully wear a veil or should I work really hard to grow it out as long as possible over the next four months. Thanks! Karen

Re: Intro and Veil question

  • First question, yes you can wear a veil, I just wouldn't wear one over your face. I had short hair, not a pixie cut, but it was short, they were able to put a comb into my hair and it was fine. The next time you go get your hair cut, talk to your stylist and how she has seen veils best attached to hair your length. Another option is a veil attached to a comb but wear a head band and then you can kind of attach the comb to the headband & just take it all off later if you want.
  • Congratulations! I don't think it's tacky at all. You're a bride! It's really the only time you CAN wear a veil so do it! ;)
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