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Rosacea help!

This weekend I was in a wedding and got airbrush makeup done but my rosacea really flared up from it. I had asked the bride to make sure she told them I had rosacea so they would be prepared for it and they were not, I did not realize it until they had already started the process and were almost done. Any suggestions on what I can do for my October wedding? I am using a different makeup artist and doing a trial the end of August for makeup but I am not sure what else I can do. I do not want to look all red and have burning skin the night and days after my wedding.

Re: Rosacea help!

  • You can try some products by Avene, like the thermal spring water to reduce redness and calm your skin before, during and after your wedding events.  I believe they also have specific creams by Avene to help with rosacea.  I am not sure which makeup would be best for you, other than something hypoallergenic. Best wishes.
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  • thank you!  I have not heard of this before and will look into it.
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    Go to your dermatologist now to get it all back under control.
  • I use a product called Prosacea it calms is down quickly for me.
  • plainjane0415plainjane0415 The hills of Tennessee member
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    I have an acne/rosacea combo on my face.. (I know, lucky me) and I went to a dermatologist that prescribed differin and oracea for the rosacea, I use something different for acne. And it has worked well. I would explain the situation to your dermatologist and see what advice he/she can give.
  • I have dry, extremely sensitive, acne prone skin AND rosacea (woohoo, me). I use Prosacea like @rainbows0215 recommends and it really is a great product. It severely brought down my redness. I would also consider using a green concealer to block out some more or the redness.

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  • Certain products sting my face too and makes it super red. Mineral makeup is almost always safe though. I also use the Paula's Choice Rosacea/Sensitive skin line for cleansing/moisterizing/SPF and it works great. But that won't help you with makeup. Have you tried poking around on beautypedia.com? 
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