Help with a non-intrusive DJ?

Hello Brides,

Getting married at the Portland Club next year- Seem to have all my vendors aside from the music! We're afraid that the DJs we've looked at are far too hokey and showy!

Does anyone know of a DJ who would 1.listen to what we want in terms of MC style and music choice and 2. Is generally lowkey and only provides transitions and plays the music?


Re: Help with a non-intrusive DJ?

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    I don't know if you're open to this, but you might be interested in Dwight Phetteplace. He's playing guitar/singing during our ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner and then during the reception, he will plug our iPod into his sound system and man the iPod for us. It requires you creating entirely your own playlist, but he's VERY reasonably priced and such a sweetheart. Plus you get total control over the songs that are played. He even sets up your special songs on a separate iPod so he has them cued up and ready to go, and he'll do announcements if you want. Ipod weddings aren't for everyone, but we are saving a ton of money by using him. 
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    My DJ was incredibly non-intrusive.  He kept things going, kept people on the dance floor, and did exactly what we wanted, but he didnt talk more than he needed to.  He's based out of MA, but travels all over for work.   He's a friend that I've known him for a very long time, but non-intrusive is his style!
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    We ended up having a band, but we met and really liked Dan from Northeast DJs.  I think they might be a little on the pricier side as far as DJs go in the area, but he seemed great--very professional and respectful of what we wanted.  We were looking for someone that would play what we wanted and not be too showy, but also would use their expertise to tell us if some of our songs would be mood-killers or could read the crowd and transition to a different song if the dance floor started emptying, and I definitely felt that Dan would have done a good job.  

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    Try Scott Keo (" target="_blank"> He has been great working with us to tailor the ceremony to exactly what WE want. We told him right away that we didn't want anything gimicky or showy. We like what he's done so far for us.

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    Try Aaron Topfer, I used his partner, they were great in the planning.  We pretty much able to pick out all the songs we want to play and control what and when they will say.  They also help us to arrange the live music for our ceremony and cocktail hour, we had a live pianoist.  I got the referral from one of the knottie on this board.  Overall, we are pleased.

    If you are interested, PM me, I'll give you my name as a referral.  They book up very quickly though. 
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    Thanks for all of your help!
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    Maine DJ Service!!! The owners name is Damon Rodzen.  He is fantastic and bases his whole night around what kind of enviornment you are looking for.  He has a facebook page or to look at his information.  I have recommended him to many people and have never heard a complaint. 
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