Mother of GROOM gift engraved in SPANISH!!

HELP! My future mother in law is Colombian, and doesn't speak much English. I want to get her something engraved in Spanish... 

For example, I love the keychains you see that say "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams"... I'm having trouble finding something like that... or anything in Spanish really,..

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Re: Mother of GROOM gift engraved in SPANISH!!

  • I'm assuming your FI is also Columbian and speaks Spanish...

    Have him translate the message for you and go to Things Remembered. They can engrave just about anything. Check out their website first and call to ask about accents and other symbols common in the Spanish language.

  • I agree with PP. This is something to discuss with your FI or at least with a close relative of his. Many things can get lost in translation and all spanish is not created equal. There are words that literally have the opposite meaning in different parts of Latin America. What can sound sweet to Mexicans may sound crude or offensive to Colombians and vice versa. 
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