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Hotel Block Stress

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The more I do this, the more I am confirming how much I HATE planning my own wedding, but that is neither here nor there....

Our guests are 100% OOT and our weekend events take place in the FQ.  My fiance and I literally e-mailed 38 hotels in and walking distance to the french quarter.  I found ONE hotel under $200.  ONNNNEEEEEEE.  AND another bride booked there as well so I can't have as many rooms as I'd like.  Everything else is $229 + the insane $14.75% tax and then a room occupancy fee which varies depending upon hotels.  

We're getting married in April.  I sort of figured it'd be a popular month, but our weekend is the ONLY weekend in April where nothing is scheduled in FQ.  No festivals, no conventions, nothing.  WHY is everything so damn expensive?! 

Any other brides having or had the same issue?  I feel bad enough having everyone travel for our wedding, but to make them spend so much on a hotel makes me feel even worse.  

Re: Hotel Block Stress

  • I broke down and hired a planner, but it looks like those are the going rates for high traffic times of year.  We're getting married in October, and we couldn't find much below $269/night.

    If you haven't already, try these:

    Royal Sonesta

    Bourbon Orleans

    Best Western French Quarter

    Here are some smaller hotels you can recommend but probably not block:

    Hotel Provincial

    Hotel Le Richelieu

    Hotel St Marie

    Also, keep in mind that you can give people room block options, but they don't have to book there if they don't like the price!  They can always look into one of these B&Bs or book uptown or in the warehouse district if cost is an issue.  You can do the best that you can to make things convenient, but at the end of the day, you're not a travel agent on top of your own wedding planner!
  • Have you tried putting out a bid thru the Convention Bureau????.... We did and got back great results...
  • How did you create a bid?
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    Have you tried Bienville House?
  • I second contacting the Convention Visitors Bureau.  Please see below for the contact:

    Leslie Straughan 
    Tourism Sales Manager 
    New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau 
    2020 St. Charles Ave. 
    New Orleans, LA 70130 
    [email protected]   
     p: 504.566.5018 
  • I'm guessing you are a weekend of April 18th bride then too! I am experiencing the same thing. The Sheraton was reasonable but still around $249, so you might consider adding that to your list. Where are you having your ceremony/reception?
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    Yes Jubara12! I received a quote from the Sheraton, but they were trying to charge my guests a fri/sat rate for a sunday night also. I didn't think that was very cool. We're getting married that Sunday: Pharmacy Museum/Bourbon Vieux. Everyone and their mother is getting married that weekend!
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    Also thanks Geauxwed. You're right, I'm not their travel agent!
  • I am also getting married that weekend and have been talking to the convention bureau! I was looking at the Pharmacy museum too, but am getting married at Hermann-Grima/Broussard's courtyard on Sunday morning for brunch.   We are having troubles with hotels trying to charge Fri/Sat rate for Sun and am trying to work around it. 

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    Nolab - my finace and I broke down last weekend and emailed like 40 hotels. I heard back from maybe 10. The Sheraton was the only one who openly did that but most of our hotels are only giving us one rate for the weekend.
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    I had the same problem. RIDICULOUS! I blocked a hotel on the edge of the French quarter, in the CBD for $169. Then I recommended a bunch of nicer hotels in the Quarter if people want to spend. The hotel I blocked is the St. Christopher. Not A+ but not horrible for out of-towners who don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Someone suggest Bourbon orleans, royal sonesta, and Richelieu hotel... First two were both over $200 (well over) and the lobby of the Richlieu stunk really bad.
  • I am having my wedding at the Maison Dupuy Hotel in September.  Our block rates are $169 for Fri/Sat and $99 on Sunday, but they may be that low due to the fact that we are having our ceremony and reception there too.
  • I definitely would suggest (if you haven't already) looking in to hotels on other side of Canal - in the CBD. It is not at all a far walk, as you know, and I am sure your guests would appreciate saving a few $ on their room for a few more walking blocks. I am getting married the weekend After Mardi Gras next year and was still shocked that hotels were quoting me the prices that they were. I did end up going with 4 hotels ranging in pricing from $159/night to $259/night, which I was going for, so guests can choose. I also put on my wedding website that if they are unable to find any hotels in their price range or their liking, to then use a 3rd party website, such as Orbitz, Expedia, or Hotels.com to see what hotels are going for that weekend, and if they find a place, to book through the hotel itself (you get screwed using those vendors byt all their rules).

    I also came across this proposal website, www.speedrfp.com,where you can put together your hotel room block requests and then select the hotels you want to bid on it. I came across this late in my hotel search, so I only ended up using one of the hotels, but I still would suggest checking it out!
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