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2015 Private Ceremony & Honeymoon in New Orleans hotel, etc. Recommendations

My fiance and I will be traveling to New Orleans for the first time ever, Oct. 29th-Nov. 4th for a private wedding ceremony with close friends/family, then staying there for our honeymoon. We decided on New Orleans since we have both always wanted to go there and thought we would get married and stay for our honeymoon. We are planning on having our ceremony aboard the Creole Queen riverboat on Oct. 30th, then go to a celebration dinner later that evening versus having a reception on the boat.Trying to keep it simple but romantic and classy. We will also be attending one of the Halloween balls on Halloween(witches ball, vampires ball?) After that we will be on our own for our honeymoon. 

Any budget-friendly recommendations on where to have a celebration dinner for a group probably no more than 10 people? Also, recommendations of affordable accommodations for my fiance and I as well as our guests in the French Quarter? Also hotel recommendations in the Garden District to spend our honeymoon for the two of us? 

We also would like to do some tours, such as plantations, swamp, and cemetery. So any ideas on any good tours to go on would be fantastic. 

Thank you so much!

Re: 2015 Private Ceremony & Honeymoon in New Orleans hotel, etc. Recommendations

  • We secured group rates at the le Richelieu hotel of $141 a night. They are nicely priced and on the edge of the French quarter in a more residential area. I'm not too familiar with garden district hotels, but The Columns is beautiful! For a reasonably priced restaurant, I guess 'budget friendly' is subjective. Elizabeth's in the bywater may suit your needs. Tableau and Tujagues are worth looking into! If you're on Facebook, the Visit New Orleans page is very helpful and responds to emails too with suggestions! Good luck and congratulations!
  • Thank you for the suggestions, I will also check out the facebook page. Thank you on the congrats! :) 
  • Well, you may be able to find hotels at good rates during that time, since the Saints are playing away that week - I would go on Orbitz or Expedia to find out what hotels in the FQ are going for, during that time, and then either book directly through the hotel for rooms or see if their Sales dept can get you a rate for you/your guests.

    As far as accommodations in the Garden District, The Columns is a good one - there are also some unique bed and breakfast type places - I am not aware of specific ones - but if you do an internet search, I am sure you will find some!

    And restaurants that are budget friendly... not sure the price you have in mind, as well as a specific type of cuisine yall are going for - majority are your Creole, seafood, with some great Italian and French restaurants. You may want to go on Yelp and peruse through the restaurants/areas you are interested in - a good # of places have private rooms, some that I would even expect to host a party your size, if interested. 

    Sorry this wasn't post did not include any suggestions, but mainly resources to use to find what you are looking for. Good luck in your search and congratulations! You and your fiance picked a great city to get hitched and to celebrate with friends/family! 
  • Your resources are actually very helpful tigerlilly1211, Thank you so much! We are so excited to go there! :) 
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