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Fiji? Aruba? Grenada?

hello I am at my wits end trying to decide on a honeymoon destination!!! I've done most of the Caribbean (and we're going in Sept of 2015 during hurricane season) and want to try something different for our honeymoon our budget is about $4000 for the total trip for both of us. I am looking for an all inclusive, preferably adult only resort. I would love to do Fiji, Gernada or Arbua...Fiji being my favorite. Has anyone does this trip?? Is it even possible?? I should say that I am out of detroit so obviously our airfare is higher than most places :( I am open to other destinations however the fiance is anti mexico

Re: Fiji? Aruba? Grenada?

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    I was in Fiji a few years ago. September is high season n Fiji and will probably be tough to do on $4000. Flights alone are ~$1K/person from LAX and then once you get there, you may need interisland air or catamaran transfers out to the outer islands. If you stay on the main island, you might be able to work it out, but you'll be staying at an American type resort and not in a bungalow/bure type of room. Those main island resorts are also not all inclusive. Fiji only has 1-2 true AI resorts that include food and drink (most just include food) and their rates are well over $500/night.

    Aruba is also lacking a bit in the all inclusive area, especially adults only. Grenada has a new Sandals I believe, but it will probably run more than $4k unless they have good opening specials. 

    I guess it would help to understand where you HAVE been in the Caribbean because that is the only area, outside of Mexico, that will have an adults only all inclusive within that budget.


  • $4k is probably not enough for Fiji...you could potentially make it work, but personally when I have to travel that far to get somewhere I like to stay at least 7-10 nights. With only about $2k remaining after flights, that would be very hard to do. And if you're set on an AI you're going to have issues there.

    AIs are really primarily a Caribbean Islands/Mexico thing. Where have you been before? There is a lot of variability in the islands...for example, somewhere like St. Lucia has more of a Hawaii like feel than Jamaica or the Bahamas. There are also some AIs in central america...have you considered Costa Rica? I haven't been yet myself but was hoping to go someday, and I know Barcelo is an AI company that has resorts there. There may be a Riu as well actually. Neither is adult only or super fancy but they would work for your budget probably.
  • I was looking into Costa rica and it does look nice may be my potential place I've been to the Bahamas st Lucia st Thomas cayman islands Jamaica Barbados Antigua San Juan cozemel cancun
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
    Moderator Eighth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its
    I'd say look into St. Lucia. They have some all inclusives, some resorts that have add on AI packages, and many higher end places to choose from. It's also the island that is most similar to the mountainous islands of the Pacific (Kauai, Moorea).


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