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All-Inclusive Honeymoon for under $5000

My fiancé and I are trying to look for a good honeymoon that has some fun but also relaxing. I want something kind of secluded, ex. I love the outdoors and love horseback riding, and my fiancé loves history. We don't really care for beaches, we were thinking Europe. It's been hard for us to find something all-inclusive that doesn't lead to the tropics. Any ideas?

Re: All-Inclusive Honeymoon for under $5000

  • Why is all inclusive so important?  Sometimes they cost more than just budgeting things out.
    You didn't say what time of year your were going.  Southern Spain has excellent places to stay with lots of culture and history.
  • Europe doesn't really do AIs. If you want to go to Europe, and AI is important to you, maybe check out a cruise? Booze isn't necessarily included on cruises, but food is. Though in my opinion if you go to Europe, you shouldn't be eating every meal on a cruise...you should be eating in the cities and experiencing the culture. You say you love the outdoors...maybe the Cinque Terre in Italy? Lots of hiking trails there, plus you're in Italy so you could also go to Rome or Florence for some history/culture.
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    I think you're going to have trouble finding an AI outside of the Caribbean. 

    We're going to Florence. I booked our airfare for a little over $2000. We're renting an apartment that I found on Airbnb. For 10 days, it's costing us $1000. We have a kitchen, so we're able to cook meals if we want. So it's doable for under 5k. 

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