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  • I'm so happy she showed up for your friend's wedding, that is the most important thing.  I don't really care if you do or do not believe that she stiffed other brides, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  And the purpose of my original post wasn't to influence people's opinions, it was really just to inform future brides about complaints she has had and issues that would concern a bride looking for a DOC.

    I still find it hard to believe that sooooooo many brides are saying that she no showed, or cancelled their contract, or performed horribly.  Do you really think all these people are lying?  Is there really any excuse for backing out of a contract and not refunding money to the bride?  Just because she says she's going out of business, is that a good enough reason to fail to fulfill your current contracts and commitments?  I don't think that's good business, which is probably why she has so many complaints anyways.

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  • Honestly I have only seen two brides register complaints. I honestly think there is more to the stories than what is being told I could be wrong but her complaints are very low.
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    Welllll  here are13 horrible reviews where she was mostly given 0 stars for her work.


    As far as actual "complaints", I guess it depends on your definition of complaint., but if she kept money or no-showed a wedding, we wouldn't necessarily know how many people that happened to.  Just because the others didn't make it on the news or didn't post here on the knot, doesn't mean they didn't have issues with her.

    I said it before, if someone has 26 reviews on here, 50% of which are 0 stars.  I'm gonna be concerned about hiring that person.  Those odds aren't ones I am interested in taking on my special day.

    ETA: I'm glad the odds were in your friend's favor :-)

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  • Thank you Laura for the link. After reading some of the reviews I can see that she did some not so good things. Many brides commented about her wearing Jeans. That is actually what I did after the wedding.

    I heard Tina tell a vendor that she was going to close down for a year to let things blow over then re-open under a different name...so be on the look out for that. Tina's phone number is 972-658-1228.

  • She's a con artist, plain & simple. reopening her business in a year is just as likely as her repaying the couples she conned out of $20K....NOT!
  • Tina Cope?  or Tina Pope?

    Since the wedding has passed and all contracts were fulfilled, would you mind telling me where the wedding was held?  I'd like to call that venue and ask about Tina.  Someone from the venue was likely working with her.
  • While I appreciate that you were focused on your MOH duties leading up to the wedding, you definitely seem to spend enough time vetting Tina's services where it shouldn't be too much trouble to ask the Bride for her contact info.
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    Edited because I probably should stay out of it anyways ;-)
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  • msbanos, the wedding was at Poetry Springs near Rockwall

  • She got us for 800.00. She said she was homeless. But she lives on Giovanni Apts in plano and works at Nolens sport's bar in Richardson.
  • Well I just want to 800 back she took from me. Also 30 other people she ripped off. At least 10 people filled charges on her and the DA is pressing charges
  • Trust me she did at least 30. She did however finish a few of her commitments.
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    @Lenanrob - Do you know how I can get on the band wagon with the others who filed charges?  I am yet another one of those brides that Tina ripped off; she got me for $800.  I too received the email from her back in August letting her clients know that she was shutting down her business, was homeless, etc.  

    She literally took my money one week before the bad publicity on her aired on the news.  She knew she was going down, and she still took my money!

    My wedding was October 18, so I didn't have time to deal with this situation until now.  I had enough stress trying to figure out how I was going to handle my *big day* without the help a of DOC.  Thankfully, my friends and family pulled through for me.

    Now I can move forward and take action against Tina.
  • Hi there! 

    you can go to McKinney PD and file a complaint.  Walk in and tell them that you are a Tina Pope bride and they will give you all the paper work to fill out.  It helps if you take any documentation that you have for them to copy to put with your complaint.  I am sorry that you had to experience this. 

  • After reading this, I saw a few comments about how the only people complaining were just trying to get money from Tina.This is my review I made and can assure you I don't work for a law firm. Actually I attempted to sue her and she would not receive the subpoena we sent to her PO Box.

    DO NOT BOOK TINA POPE!!! We booked her 14 months in advance again because of her 'incredible rates'. She never initiated any meetings or even bothered looking at our venue contract because 'she forgot to'. About 8 months before the wedding, she emailed needing money for bartenders because it was busy season. She overcharged my credit card by 5-10 dollars. No biggie, i didnt say anything. About 10 days before our wedding, which was in April, she sent an email out to her brides saying she couldn't coordinate due to illness. Oh and she never booked my bartenders. I still have yet to receive a refund and she refused to take to me for 5 weeks. She told me initially I would have a refund within 30 days. She finally answered a text saying I will not be receiving any refund! Oh... I also found a review saying she did another wedding the day of ours. Awesome business practice right?
  • Wow ladies!! I'm new on this board and am baffled by all of this!! I'm so glad that I have y'all for a resource before I make any dumb decisions. Haha!
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