Lunch recommendations needed

On our wedding day my 3 BM's and myself will be at our venue (Inn at Middletown) around 11 a.m. and I wanted to provide lunch and snacks. I am looking for suggestions for a place that will hopefully deliver but if we have to pick it up that's fine.  Anyone have suggestions?  I have some favorites in the area for dinner but I'm drawing a blank on lunch.
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Re: Lunch recommendations needed

  • Is there a Panera in the area?  In my experience people tend to be sorta high-energy and anxious and not super hungry, and lighter foods, like small sandwiches, are better than getting a bunch of full meals.

    At least that's how it was when I got married and when I've been a BM.  Been too high strung to eat a lot, but little finger foods that we could sorta graze on (small sandwiches, fruit, cheese and crackers) were a big hit.
  • That's the plan- smaller bites and not full meals. I'd like to avoid Subway/ Panera if possible and was hoping for a more local deli that could make a sandwich tray. There are a few around there but I wasn't sure if anyone had one they recommend. It's pretty much standard in my group to have something small and low-mess available. I plan on bringing fruit and a few other light snacks just in case but I'd like to offer at least a sandwich. Thanks!
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  • Nardelli's, Brew Bakers, Sweet Harmony, and Public Market are all good local options! They all deliver during the week with a minimum purchase, I'm not sure about the weekends.
  • Thank you!!!! Sweet Harmony is where our cake is coming from- I can't believe I didn't think to just ask about a sandwich tray while we were picking out a cake. It's a Friday so they might even deliver in that case.  I could even pick it up on the way to the Inn.  I will definitely check with them and Brew Bakers. 
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  • tommys also delivers but they are on the other side of town near the community college but the food is amazing
  • Thanks, I'll check in with them as well!
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