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    So pretty! 

    I don't have any pics of me in my dress on me but it looks similar to yours @mrandmrsmongoose!
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    Who makes your dress? Or where did you get it? @SilverGlitter05‌
  • @onlyjamielynn It's a Wtoo gown- Jasmine. I got it at a bridal store in Ohio that carries the Wtoo line. I'm so obsessed with the uniqueness of it :)

  • Here is mine
  • im torn between two dresses! :O i need to decide by next weekend
  • @wereinlove91 
    I vote the second one! The first one is a little to plain IMO. Good luck, they're both very flattering on you.

  • @wereinlove91‌ I also vote the second: gorgeous
  • I like the 2nd one also
  • @wereinlove91 Number 2! I think I love it more than my dress!
    photo tumblr_mfhfonwf671rg1b79o1_500_zps27a85afc.gif
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  • thats the one i was thinking about too! now I'm SURE its the one thank you ladies 
  • im torn between two dresses! :O i need to decide by next weekend
    I love the second one.

  • I don't have any pictures of me in my dress but this is the one I have ordered:

    I will be wearing a belt in place of the flower though.

  • I have a dress dilemma but my dream dress is Desiree by La Sposa  from the 2011 collection. I am going on Monday to see if it can be let out to fit me better since it is a size 6 and I am usually a size 8 (it fit me perfectly as long as I dont bloat or gain even a pound, so hence seeing if it can be let out)


  • @nridgeway88 wow you look stunning! love that dress on you!!

  • Thanks so much, Jani! I got an amazing deal on a sample. Looking forward to having it altered so it's not being held up by giant clips. :)
  • Bought mine last weekend!
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  • Wereinlove91 I love dress 2!! I just bought my dress yesterday! We weren't supposed to take pictures so thats why it's such a bad angle.
  • Oh and I'm having a belt instead of the giant appliqué.
  • My first appointment to go dress shopping is next Friday, and I was worried I was starting too early lol.  Here is one that has caught my eye so far, trying it on Friday.
  • I accidentally got a huge jump on dress shopping, found one that I really liked at the first place I went! I went to the Brides Project in Ann Arbor, MI, and if it's convenient for you to get there, I strongly recommend them. They get second-hand and sample dresses donated, sell them at a steep discount, and give all the proceeds to a cancer support charity. 

    Excuse my stunning ability to make really stupid faces in pictures :)


    I figured that since I was actively hoping my mom/MOH didn't like other ones I was trying on because I liked this one so much, it seemed like a pretty good choice. I can't find a reference for it online, the tag says it's by Moonlight and I know they don't accept anything older than 2005 collections, and it resembles one that was discontinued in 2013 with the exception of some details about the back. It'll need some taking in around the bust and shoulders, but it mostly fits, it's mine, and it's done. Now I just have to figure out how to hair. So many unsolicited insistences that I "have to grow out my hair!" This is grown out, thx, and if I didn't want to pay for a haircut every six weeks, I'd go out and get a pixie just to spite you.
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    This is my dress!! This isn't me in it but it's gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it!! I only have to have the bust altered which is so nice!! I need to try it on again make sure I haven't lost or gained any weight!!

    @wereinlove91 I love #2 on you! Both are gorgeous though! Which did you pick?!
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    I got my dress a month ago in a sample sale. I hadn't planned on getting one so early, but my godmother and FMIL were in town which is rare so we went with my mom and MOH just so they could participate a little figuring it would take more than one trip to find the dress. Well, didn't happen that way, my mom cried when she saw me in this dress and it's just perfect and it was a steal! The salon is holding on to it for me until I start fittings next spring :-D I'm planning on having them convert the neckline to a sweetheart and it needs to be taken in, but it's a corset back so it won't need as much work.
  • It was the first dress I tried on, and we all cried. :') (mom, me, maid of honor, dad) My dad is the one who chose it off the rack too! I thought I wanted a lace-y white mermaid and came out with an ivory, full A-line/ballgown. It looks like something you'd wear to a masquerade or an opera, yet has faerie-like accents to it. We're having an October 2015 wedding with elements from The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and video games like The Legend of Zelda. All meshed in to a rustic barn wedding lol It's actually working out a lot more elegantly than it sounds. I am in LOVE with this dress and can't wait for my first fitting this October! :) It's by Farage, a French designer, and the veil is hand-made on an antique loom in Canada. I never would had dreamed I could have all this but I'm my parent's only girl and the youngest, and my dad wouldn't let me leave the store without my dream dress. My original plan was to just see what looked good on me then buy something similar at the local YWCA at a cheap price that would benefit other women. This has by-far been a fairy-tale experience, from meeting my amazing fiance to the approaching wedding. I love seeing all these unique wedding gowns on here!! <3 
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  • I do not have any pics of mines but I will get it asap... I love everyone dresses...
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  • Funny thing about my dress... I felt something really strong towards it at this one shop but not that omg. The shop was kinda shady... Well anyway I do some detective work and found the same dress some where else. I cried, my mom cried... Looked even better the second time. These pics were from the first.
  • @mrspowers6615 I picked the second one! thank you :D

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