Wedding Favours - Yes or no?

I was wondering if you are doing favours at your wedding and, if so, what are you doing?  I have been doing research and it seems that edible favours are preferred over trinkets that would only be left behind or tossed out later. I was thinking about doing a candy buffet but would rather save the money and not have any favours. 

I know we do some things differently in Canada so your advice is welcome. 

Re: Wedding Favours - Yes or no?

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    We didn't do favours, but we did have welcome bags as we did a DW. Personally, unless it's edible, I leave it on the table. I have enough junk around the house already and I can't think of anything I've ever seen as favours that I would want to keep in the house. I also get hungry during cocktails and tend to eat my favours before dinner. :)

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    Also from Canada :) We're planning on doing Rheo Thompson chocolates, you can buy them (individually wrapped) in bulk, and we plan on putting them in something ourselves. Other weddings I've been too have had cookies, mints, mini picture frames, notepads, matches, homemade jam, chocolates, candy from candy bar... there have also been a few that did not have favours. I agree with WinstonsGirl, I dislike taking a lot of the trinkets home and would rather it be an edible treat. I don't think anyone would mind if you didn't have favours though!
  • We're going to be doing a candy buffet, with little take-home bags.

  • From Winnipeg, MB. We are doing Georges Cookies for favours. They have been amazing to work with and even sent us a sample package with different wrapping options, tags and cookies! Price isn't too bad either. About $1.30/person if you want it wrapped with a silk ribbon and tag with your names and date in your wedding colours, there are also cheaper options (that is the most expensive one). The cookies are delish!
  • All of these options sound wonderful! I think I will go with the suggestion and do something edible and put them in a small mesh bag in one of our wedding colours.

    Thank you all for your great advice. :) 

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