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Jean0715Jean0715 member
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Since our ceremony is semi traditional, but very unique, we decided to write our own vows. 

Let me explain the above. FI maternal grandmother is an ordained Reverend. We will have a traditional set up to the ceremony. i.e. ring blessing, affirmation, homily, vows, benediction ect. But we worked with her to pick out everything. Some of it is traditional Catholic, some of it is Celtic prayers, other parts are non-religious or from different belief systems. Plus the homily she is writing will be extremely personal and touching. 

Anyway, we all agreed to have our vows emailed to her (separately) by the first of september so she can work with us to make sure that they mesh together as well as they are the proper length. She also wants a copy for the day of in case we forget a copy (She's a very smart woman). 

I can't bring myself to do this. I think about it but haven't put pen to paper. Why am I procrastinating.Time is ticking by very fast!!!

Anyone else writing their own vows? How are you doing with them? 

Re: Vows

  • We did - sort of.  Something to keep in mind when writing your own vows, is that you may want to work on them together to try to make sure they are somewhat similar in length, tone, etc. 

    Also, I think it helps to think of your vows as promises that you will be making to each other, as opposed to a declaration of love.  If you think about more traditional vows, people are promising to stay together through good times and bad, to love, honor, and respect each other... it's not a time to tell your FI all the reasons that you love him, but rather, tell him what promises you are making for your marriage. 
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  • smalfrie19smalfrie19 Home of SB XLVIII Champs member
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    We are writing our own vows. there was a really good article on TK about writing your own vows and I pulled a lot from it. I also took to pinterest and searched vows just to see if anything in particular spoke to me.

    In the end I just went with bullet points in a word doc because thats how I thought them out. I will probably write them out in a paragraph later.

    I am keeping them a secret from FI until the day of because they are super personal and I just really want it to be a surprise.
  • We're not saying our own vows, the officiant will say them...FI said all he wants to have to say is "I do".  But I don't like the generic ones that my officiant currently has for us, so I wrote something else, but every time I ask FI to look at them he's "not in the mood". 
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