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Low carb, high fat diet

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Hi everyone! I am interested to hear if anyone out there is doing the "LCHF" diet. Basically, you cut out carbs and sugars from your diet and add in more fat (mostly from dairy and meats... not from sweets). It sounds kind of crazy but makes sense when you think about that your body needs to process carbs and sugar much harder than it processes fat. And if you cut out carbs and sugar, your body will go to the fat for a fuel source. 

Anyway, I'm only three days in but it's interesting so far. Not much of a change but I look forward to results and will certainly post back in a week or so if there has been any major changes.
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Re: Low carb, high fat diet

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    Are you doing any kind of exercise? If you are you need carbs to give you the necessary energy to be able to complete those workouts to the best of your ability. I am one who thinks that cutting things out completely from your diet is a bad move because it is not something that you can keep up forever. Your diet should be a lifestyle change not something you do for a little bit and then quit. My Mom cut out carbs for a while and saw great results and then she went back to eating healthy but with carbs and she gained a lot of her weight back. Portions are key and if you stick with eating the right portion sizes and balancing out eating healthy and having a sweet snack every now and then plus exercising regularly you are more apt to have permanent weight loss and overall be more healthy.

  • You should consult with a nutritionist or trainer with some nutrition experience.  Even if you cut the fro-yo, add bacon and your cholesterol and other health indicators will be out of whack.  This is a good opportunity to make long term changes and commit to a healthy lifestyle.  "I'm on a high fat diet" said no healthy, thin person ever.

  • Its not just about "fat", its about healthy fats. Think avocados, seeds and nuts, etc.  It sounds like you have an idea of what you want to do but aren't fully informed. (BTW, fats wouldn't really be coming from candy anyways, which for the most part are sugars). It actually sounds like you're talking about the ketogenic diet-perhaps you should talk to a certified nutritionist (you can find one online and do a consult, and have them make you some meal plans).
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    And just a FYI OP, even healthy fats in large portions can be bad for you.  Having an avocado and a handle full of nuts with lunch is fine, but when you start eating a dozen avocados and a pound of nuts is when you have a problem.  Again, everything in moderation.

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  • I tried something similar - the Dukkan diet - but it didn't really do anything for me. I coupled it with a boot camp, and really, after a couple months I only lost a few pounds (around 5 I think) and once I stopped the diet I gained it all back right away. I've had WAY better luck doing Weight Watchers paired with running once a week, and a weights class once a week. I've lost almost 20 since the start of the year and it's been so much easier.
  • Also, I haven't been strict about WW the entire time. I'll do it for a month, lose 5 pounds. Stop doing it for a month or so and not lose or gain anything. And then when I get inspired, go back on it and lose another 5. I feel like with the fad diets you need to stick with them constantly or else you immediately slip back. But that's just me. Everyone has something different that works for them, I guess.
  • by "carbs" do you mean things like bread and pasta? There are carbohydrates in fruits and yogurt.
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    I don't think cutting carbs is all that great.  There are such things as healthy carbs, which obviously are good for you.  And the same for fats.  Some fats are good for you, like previously stated.

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  • I'm pretty sure she means carbs from wheat, rice, and corn.
  • I try to stick with eating mostly Paleo, so as a result, I tend to eat low carb and higher fat. I do feel generally better when I eat this way. However, I think a lot of people hear Paleo/low carb/Atkins, etc. and think of it as free reign to load up on bacon and butter, and that's not how it should be. If you're interested in more information OP, I would check out "Mark's Primal Blueprint."

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