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Since Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, tell us what you're most thankful for.
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    I am most thankful for my family. My daughter has changed my life sooooooooooooo much and I wouldnt change it for the world!
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    Yea GREAT question - I too am most grateful for my FAMILY!  I love my family and I'm pretty lucky that we are close.  I'm also grateful to be healthy, employed right now and all my wonderful FRIENDSLaughing
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    I'm MOST thankful for my parents and DH! They mean the absolute MOST to me. They are my rock they are the reason I get up every  morning without any of them I don't know what I would do.

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    I'm most thankful for (finally!) finding the one man that is right for me. He treats me like gold and we get along so well. It'll be a great day when I can say I'm his Mrs.

    /sappy moment

    But a close second is the fact that I'll have my mom down here tomorrow to spend the holiday with us and FI's family, and that she can join us for a few days on a vacation. Yay!
  • Vans18Vans18 member
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    Most thankful for my family and DH. They are the best thing I have...our parents are so supportive and I thank God for having them and having their love and the unity between us.
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    I am thankful for DH and the fact that in this crappy economy he is able to support the both of us while I am in school.  I am also very thankful for my cat Suki because while DH is working all crazy hours of the day and night, she's by my side to keep me company (although I can do without the 3:30AM wakeup meow to feed her!).
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    Love this =P
    I am very thankful for my family & my husband.
    without them i dont know where I would be in the times of hardship...
    My husband has come to prove to me that he will stand by me through even the worse.
    This year has been an emotinaly rollercoaster with my younger brothers mental illness, and learning more and more each day.
    I am thankful for the patience, understanding, and the amazing relationship my family and i have come to have till this day.

    Cant wait for 2011!!!
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    I'm thankful, for my family, friends and Fiance.  Whenever I think that things aren't going well, there's someone to show me the good in it. 

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