Ritz Carlton Buckhead or Atlanta History Center

My fiance and I are currently trying to choose between these two venues and cannot pick.  Every time we think we've been swayed one way, we can't bring ourselves to pull the plug on the other venue.  I'd love to hear from people who have had or attended weddings at either of these venues to hear how their experience was.  ANY pros and cons you can think of would be great!

One concern I have about the Ritz is that it would all be indoors but the venue is beautiful and the staff has been incredible.  At AHC, if it rains and we can't have the ceremony at the Swan House we'd be really bummed.  It's pretty much the only thing we love about the venue but we love it A LOT.  Basically it comes down to this: Ritz is convenient for our guests as they can stay where the wedding will be, pretty, and if we have to be indoors we'd rather be at the Ritz.  At AHC, we don't like the indoor space as much but we LOVE the outdoor space for the ceremony.  

We're very torn. :)  Any thoughts would help us a lot.

Thank you!

Re: Ritz Carlton Buckhead or Atlanta History Center

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    What time of year is your wedding?

    TBH, I love the Atlanta History Center. I've never attended a wedding there but I have friends who have and I've seen the photos...and it's gorgeous! Why wouldn't you be able to have the ceremony at the Swan House? I guess I'm biased but I feel like the AHC is going to be the more unique, special, and memorable of the two.

  • My only concern is rain.  If it rains then we have to flip the ballroom space or use one of the other indoor areas.  If we are going to be rained in I'd rather be at the Ritz.  I agree though, there is something special about AHC.  It's so unique.
  • Oh and Ritz is perfectly within budget.  AHC is just a little high so it means we'd cut back on catering or something.  Which is fine!  Just something we need to consider.
  • My SIL was married at the Ritz and it was absolutely gorgeous. Service was amazing (for them in preparation as well as for all on the wedding day). The wedding was 2 years ago and people are still talking about it. You can't go wrong!
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