Looking for photographer and DJ in Maui.

Hi Ladies,

The photographer I wanted isn't available for our date so I'm looking for recommendations for a great photographer. 

also we need to book our DJ still.....anyone have good experiences?



Re: Looking for photographer and DJ in Maui.

  • We are going with Maui Creative Photography.  We liked the work on their website, blog and facebook page.  They have also been wonderful to work with this far.  They are super friendly and have good communication.  I believe it is a couple who own and run the company.  With way, you get two photographers which I like the idea of.  Of course, we haven't used them yet so I can't tell you how it will go, but the reviews I've read seem good.
    We aren't doing a dj.  We have hired a couple of guys called Barefoot Minded who play guitar and sing.
  • We booked Kaua for our upcoming wedding.  I met with him in person in May and he was very laid back and seems like he is going to be easy to work with (the last thing I want is a high-intensity photographer in my face on my wedding day).


    As far as DJ, we're going with DJ Randy - he's a radio DJ so he has a big library of music.  He is also on the younger side (we saw a lot of old guy DJ's with old fashioned style) and was reasonably priced.


    Hope this helps!



  • Have a look at Hayley Anne Photography. Her work is really good and she does destination weddings too (at a great rate - my sister will be hiring her).
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