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Hi everyone. My FI and I are looking into a rustic/barn venue for our October 2015 wedding. I feel like I have researched just about every barn venue in the Pittsburgh area, but all seem to be at least 40 minutes out of the city. The last thing we want is to make transportation difficult for our guests. Can anyone recommend a rustic type venue within close city limits??? We are located just north of the city in North Hills. We;d like to keep our venue within a 30 minute drive at most. We are also on a tight budget, around $12,000 total.

Re: Rustic venue IN Pittsburgh

  • Kind of an oxymoron to expect to find a rustic venue within an urban area, isn't it? Any barns would have been torn down decades ago to make way for urban development. The whole point of the rustic thing is to be quaint, old fashioned, etc...if you don't want to leave the city I'm not quite sure why a barn appeals to you in the first place.

  • It's not that I mind leaving the city, but I'd rather not have my guests drinking at the reception and then have an almost hour drive home. I know it's not practical to find a "barn" in the city..I was asking for recommedations on a rustic type venue that may be closer.
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