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Reception Entertainment ideas??

Hello!! I have been lurking forever it feels like, but the date is set, and the planning is happening! We are having a morning/early afternoon wedding with a tea party type reception with about 100 guests. That includes about 4 friends.. Our families are both huge and when we planned the reception, we figured everyone would enjoy the food and hang out and catch up and talk. We wont be having any sort of planned dancing, as he and I dislike it and our parents wouldn't dance with us anyway haha. We are planning on having a friend hook up a laptop and have itunes playing in case the kids or anyone else feels like dancing, but neither of our families tend to dance at weddings.
Anyway, Where I need advice: I'm being told that I do need some sort of entertainment, and I agree. I always considered the reception a way to thank everyone for taking the time to celebrate and support our marriage, but I am having some issues figuring out the entertainment part. One idea was a pack of cards and dice at each table, however I still feel like my guests may be bored, even with a shorter lunch reception. Any suggestions are more than welcome!!

Re: Reception Entertainment ideas??

  • People are quite capable of having conversations. As long as you're providing sufficient seating and food, nothing else is necessary and indeed, IMO other 'entertainment' feels contrived and rather juvenile.
    Adelebeth[Deleted User]
  • Thanks @artbyallie‌ We figured a nice classy lunch with a variety of food and drink would be great, since out if 110 guests, most are from our huge families, they all know most of the people there. However, while we loved the idea, suddenly my fiance is doubting and now even I am getting anxious that everyone will be bored to death. We've been getting chatter from both of our mothers that everyone will hate it. My mother, who is normally a very open minded person swears everyone will be upset and disappointed, his mom says we might as well do a potluck backyard bbq.... which is what she wanted for us in the first place. We are financing the whole thing, so I'm not concerned about that, but after all this chatter, we are both feeling pretty deflated. Starting to wonder if we should just go to the courthouse, which is something I hoped wouldn't happen.
  • Don't let anyone else tell you what to do (especially potluck--that's way inappropriate for a wedding!). Stop discussing your plans with your mothers if necessary. They're not paying, so they don't get to have any say in your wedding. Talk about it on here--we love wedding talk!
  • What kind of "entertainment" would you have if you WERE having a backyard BBQ?  Maybe a frisbee and a cooler of beer, right?  What kind of "entertainment" would you have if you were at a pizza restaurant with 10 friends?  Maybe a jukebox and a pitcher of beer, right?  I'm pretty sure that as long as you have beer, your party will be great.  

    In all seriousness though, why would you need "entertainment" for a lunch?
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