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Debating between 3 resorts in Mexico for our DW...advice

Hi all! My fiance, Nick, and I have narrowed down our DW choices to just 3 all inclusive resorts. Now we just need some advice/suggestions/opinions on which one to do with. Our wedding with either be late Oct or early Nov of 2015 with around 50-70 guests. The 3 amazing resorts are...

Hard Rock Cancun
El Dorado Royale
Royal Playa del Carmen

We want to secure the resort with a date soon so any help would be greatly appreciated it!! :)
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Re: Debating between 3 resorts in Mexico for our DW...advice

  • The Royal Play Del Carmen is amazing! Whenever we go to Mexico it's where we stay. We will not go anywhere else. The location, food, service, rooms, atmosphere are all amazing! If you have questions about this resort I would be more than happy to answer them. When we get married it's the resort we will have people stay at with us.
  • Our wedding is November of this year at El Dorado Royale. We've been there already and looooved it.
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