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Save the Dates?


Re: Save the Dates?

  • Just ordered our save the dates :)
  • My STDs came in yesterday! I'll be sending mine out within the next week!
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  • I'm debating on save the dates, mostly because we have a small wedding and the only out of towers already know the date so it won't be a big deal to plan far in advance. I was thinking about making a simple one and putting them in with Christmas cards so we give some additional heads up to family members etc. don't want it to be weird putting them in with a Christmas card but seems silly to send out 2 separate mailings in December
  • My STDs came in yesterday! I designed them in Illustrator and then ordered them through Vistaprint as magnets. They are a light blush color though you can't tell in the picture. I also ordered a return address embosser from I think it adds a nice touch. I ordered them during Vistaprint's flash sale, so they were a little over $90 for 120 magnets with envelopes.

    I'll be sending them out in October.
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