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Allergies and Invitations

So, I am SEVERELY allergic to things that are scented, i.e. perfumes and colognes, to the point that I have to carry an Epi-pen because of anaphylactic reactions. Most of my family is aware of this but I know that there are going to be friends and other family members coming who don't. How do I ask them to refrain from wearing anything scented like that in the invitations? If they do wear something scented I won't be able to hug them because it will linger on my dress and cause at the bare minimum a severe head and stomach ache. 


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    OP, I see you also posted this in Etiquette. That thread has more answers for you. And a tip for the future, if you post the same thing on multiple boards, you should put XP in the title.

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    If anyone wants to comment on this question, head over to the Etiquette board where there's a discussion in progress.

    OP, I'm going to close this thread so everyone can follow in one location.

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