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We are paying for most of the wedding ourselves.  With that being said, we are trying to figure out what type of bar to have.  I refuse to have a cash bar but I feel like a limited bar, where we pay for wine, beer and a signature drink is enough.  My fiance says it is cheesey to only offer that and that we have to pay for an open bar.  We aren't on a super tight budget but I don't feel like I need to provide everything under the sun to drink.  Anyone else having this issue?

Re: Open Bar or Limited Bar

  • I think that providing beer, wine, a signature drink, and non-alcoholic beverages (soda, water, coffee, etc) is perfectly fine.

    What I don't like is when those drinks are provided, and then the rest is cash bar.
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  • Beer, wine, signature drink and soft drinks are perfectly fine. I agree with @Mandafly84, if you're going to have just those drinks then limit it to that and don't have a cash option. A full open bar is nice but not a necessity.
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  • Could you make the bar options a bit broader but still limited? Adding vodka, gin, whiskey and rum are just four types of alcohol that create a ton of mixed drink options along with a 'neat' or 'on the rocks' option as well. If that breaks the bank then I agree to limit it to beer , wine and a signature drink.
  • At our venue we were able to have a full bar and put a cap down of $2000 and when that ran out it would switch to cash.. With about 90 adults we did not hit the cap between both the cocktail hour and the reception.
  • Thank you EVERYONE...We are providing beer, wine and vodka... We will have a sign that says Vodka, with cranberry, with tonic, with seltzer,  with oj and neat.....and then our sign will say "trust me, you can dance,  -Vodka"

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