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Starting the weekend thread early...

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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...I do what I want! 

I can hardly contain my excitement for this weekend! @hummingbird125, @buddysmom80, and @csousa1 will be at my place in 8 hours!

Tomorrow we'll be on our way to NOLA!!!! Our flight is at 9:30 so we'll hit up Dunkies, park the car, and check our bags. Hopefully we can get some booze before boarding starts. I'm so glad we have such a short flight! We'll meet @audrewuh, @elle1036, @leia1979, and the Canadian at the airport and get the party started!

The rest of the weekend will surely be awesome. There's a brewery visit, a firepit on the beach, CAH, beignets, muffuletta sandwiches, and booze on the agenda for the rest of the weekend. 

@csousa1 and I fly home together on Tuesday and I will probably cry. 


BaytoSA2013bethsmilesKeptInStitchesPeaseblossom55[Deleted User][Deleted User]kaitlynmichellelabroHummingbird125CLoGreenEyesaudrewuhFoxandBunnyWildMagelet

Re: Starting the weekend thread early...

  • I'm so bummed that I'm buying a house and couldn't make this trip.  Stupid down payment!  Have all the fun!
    Formerly doubless07
  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    I'm relaxing on Saturday. I really need a day off where I don't have to be doing anything. I've been feeling like shit all week.

    Sunday, we're up early for breakfast with J's family, and then we're hoping to spend the day with his dad, working on the chuppah. Then we're doing dinner with his family to celebrate my birthday.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • @Swazzle - that sounds like an AMAZING weekend, so jealous!!!

    I don't know what I want to do this weekend.

    tomorrow I'll be off around 12:30 or so.  I'll probably eat a light lunch and then head home to squeeze in a good work out.  we have an appointment with a financial adviser at 3 PM to go over my new retirement options and what the heck we should be doing with our money since we're adults.  I expect it to last 1-1.5 hours.  after that, I THOUGHT we were getting Hibachi but H has changed his mind and now we're going to a different place.  I am getting my faaaaaavorite salad.  we'll go to the grocery store(s).  then I really need to study, I'm behind on my PMP stuff for this week.  and I need to pick up the house.

    Saturday, I have my PMP class until 12:30 or 1:00.  we'll grab something to eat for lunch.  I don't know what we'll do the rest of the day... I would like to get up early and do yoga in the morning before my class and then a 5K that evening when it's cool.

    Sunday, we have church and then a choir practice before evening service.  I need to fit in a work out, studying, and a nap.

    I'm worn out from this week, so I'm hoping for a quiet weekend.  if I can fit in a toffee nut latte or salted caramel mocha and a pumpkin scone, I'll be a happy camper.  or a mani/pedi.  that would be great.
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    @swazzle You guys are going to have so much fun! NOLA is such a great city! Eat some beignets for me! 

    I'm stressed this morning. I had to go to the dentist (first time in like 3 years) because of what I believe to be a canker sore (I get them fairly frequently) developing around my tooth on a receding gum line. I was worried it was a sign of gingivitis or something worse, so I called FI's dentist and scheduled an appointment ASAP. They did a bunch of x-rays and normal new patient stuffs, and then the dentist looked at my gums and said I need to see the gum specialist who comes in a couple of times a month. He said the gum line around my bottom front teeth has receded A LOT, and although the teeth are still healthy, there's a chance I could lose them because of the gums... so that's fun to hear. He said my braces from when I was a kid are more than likely to blame for the gums receding. Awesome. Anyway, the gum specialist doesn't have any time available until November 1, so I'll have to wait a little while before that gets sorted out... my little brother had to have gum surgery a few years ago, so I'm prepping myself to hear a similar plan of action. Also, I have like 6 cavities (3 are just fillings that need to be replaced though), and I'm having them taken care of all at once next Thursday. My boss thinks I'm going to regret doing it all at once, but we'll see! It's going to cost about $300 for the fillings, and I have to do another round of allergy shots next week too (which means another $200 payment on those), so I called FI crying afterwards panicking about money and losing teeth and potential surgery. He calmed me down and said that he'll obviously help pay for things (I'm still adjusting to the idea of sharing income and expenses...I've never accepted money from him for anything other than bills we split), and he kept joking that I should get a titanium tooth. What a goober. *sigh* What a morning.

    I also have some wedding dress appointments coming up. I originally scheduled one on October 11 when I was at the bridal show in July, but my MOH discovered a few days ago she'll be out of a town at a music festival that day, so she convinced me to also go dress shopping on October 4. My mom's on board with everything, so I'll be dress shopping in a little over a week! Holy crap! Now I'm super nervous and self conscious about my body. :-\ Also need to research the type of bra, undies, and shoes I should wear to those. I can't believe it's almost October. Where the hell has the time gone? How am I now almost a year out from the wedding? It felt like I had infinite time to do everything, and now suddenly it's time to get serious about everything. Ahhhh!

    This weekend... tomorrow afternoon I have a teeth cleaning (they won't do any work on my teeth without a cleaning apparently), and then our friends and our goddaughter will hopefully be visiting Friday night. We want to ask them all to be in our wedding, plus we haven't seen them since we got engaged in June, so it's been a while. Apparently our goddaughter got sick yesterday, but her mom thinks she'll be fine by Friday. 

    Saturday night we're going to see The Maze Runner with some friends and maybe game afterwards. We haven't seen those friends in a long time either, so I'm really looking forward to hanging out with them again.

    Sunday is our day for errands and chores and cuddling. :)

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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @BaytoSA2013 - I will miss you! It'll be worth it when you're moving into your amazing home! You can't miss the next one though. 

    @phira - Feel better!

    @CocoBellaF - I'm bummed you're not going for hibachi. I've been drooling for it all week from you talking about it! 

    @eilis1228 - That really sucks about the dentist. That's always my least favorite appointment ever because I have bad teeth and there's always something wrong AND it costs a lot of $$. Promise to share pics when you go dress shopping?!

  • @Swazzle and all - Sounds like an amazing weekend.  Have fun!

    @eilis1228 - Hugs.  I'm sure you aren't loosing your teeth.  I'm terible about going to the dentists too as I hate dentists.  The last one I went to gave me enough laughing gas to down a linebacker (according to him) and it did nothing to calm me, my heart was racing so.  Ugh.  Fingers crossed everything goes well.

    @CocoBellaF - What is in the salad?  

    @Phira - Are you going out for your birthday or is J's family making something?  Hope you get something you like.


    This weekend will be more working on the house.  We are working with my BIL to drywall a wall patch, a kitchen patch and put up all the beams for our basement remodel.  Fun times!

    I'm hoping to get a nice walk in on Sunday and relax.  H and I will probably do more home buying stuff and I think I'm going to buy a bike (when H commutes 3 days a week he takes our car so that leaves me with walking, biking or taking the bus to work).  I haven't ridden a bike in a loooonnngg time. 

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    @Swazzle thanks!!

    @minskat30 His mom is going to make dinner. I'm looking forward to it; we don't go over as often as we used to!

    @eilis1228 Uuuuugh your post makes me REALLY not want to go to the dentist.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
    Moderator Seventh Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its

    My job is a life ruiner.

    I have to work all weekend. I have our first ice hockey game (!!!!) tomorrow night, football on Saturday night, and field hockey on Sunday afternoon. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. :(

    That's all I've got.

    Oh, and waiting impatiently for our e-pics.


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  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Fourth Anniversary Name Dropper
    @Swazzle - Nope. I refuse. jk and in a few years when I'm actually making enough money to survive again, I will be at every G2G EVAR. Please snuggle @csousa1's face right off for me! 

    We have a busy weekend. Friday night will likely be spent preparing for the weekend. 

    Saturday we have 2 soccer games, the first is at 9 am (home) and the 2nd is at 1pm (an hour away). After that, I've got a photo shoot for some head shots. 

    Sunday, we have church in the morning, then a chorus performance for my older DD, and then a newborn photo session after that. I'm sure by the time it's all said and done, I'll be ready to just drink beer and edit photos with football in the background on Sunday afternoon! 

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  • @swazzle have a great time, so jealous!  I've never been that way.  PS The Maze Runner was a good book worth the read I thought. 

    Tomorrow night is girls' night, we're going out to dinner.  It's hard for us to get together since so many of us have babies now.  I'm looking forward to it.  Tomorrow H also has another contractor coming out to the house to give an estimate to do the kitchen floors, hopefully it's not too expensive.

    Saturday our server is being delivered yay!! I can't wait for it to get here and set up all the china and stuff finally.  Our friend is also doing a wine tasting and wine making event at his house, he makes his own wine.  We're hoping to stop by depending when our furniture gets delivered. 

    Otherwise we really don't have any other plans for the weekend.  Hopefully some relaxing is involved.  I'd really like to get to the mall also I need a few new shirts for the fall/winter.  We also need to do some cleaning around the house. 

    H's knee is finally better and he's back playing hockey tonight.  I'm excited because not only does he get to play again but I get a night of TV to myself to watch whatever I want.  :-)


  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    @swazzle @minskat30 @phira The dentist freaks me out too. I have porous teeth, so I normally have cavities when I go in, which is one of the reasons why I put it off for 3 years. Going to the dentist always means bad news that is expensive. :( I'm calmer now, but to hear I might potentially lose teeth really freaked me out. At least I'm a light weight when it comes to meds, so it won't be difficult to knock me out. :) Oh, and yes--I'll definitely AW pics of dresses and stuff if the boutiques let me take pics. 

    @bethsmiles Happy Anniversary! I hope you eat ALL the Greek food! I've been craving gyro meat for a while now. Greek food is the best!

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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @bethsmiles - Happy anniversary!

    @minskat30 - I decided a few years ago that I was going to bike to work to save money and to get some exercise in. H bought me one for my birthday that year and I've ridden it one time and it wasn't to work. I'm the worst! I'm really scared to ride it where I live because I'm pretty sure I'll get run over. 

    @GoldenPenguin - Your job ruins my life. For serious. I'm going to miss you so much this weekend. 

    @Ollie08 - I miss your face! I wish you lived closer to Miami so I could see you when I'm there in November. 

  • @minskat30 - I want a bike so bad!  OK isn't good for bike commuting, but I do live technically close enough that I COULD when the weather isn't bad.  it's a little over 10 miles.  anyway, I just want a cute bike that I can ride around for stress release and exercise.  you should go bike shopping and then post pictures that I can drool over!!
  • @eilis1228 great thanks you just reminded me I have a dentist appointment on Monday.  I dread the dentist more than anything.


  • My weekend will consist of me pouting the entire time cause I miss your faces. 

    I'll break it up with Bean's soccer assessment, and a trip back to babies r us to return a booster/highchair. 
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

  • @eilis1228 I hate the dentist. I still have my wisdom teeth and I'm contemplating getting them out soon. The oral surgeon said I don't have to right now but that they'll most likely cause issues in the future. My gums are receding in a couple spots too and it's causing sensitivity. My hygienist said to use a softer tooth brush and that I was probably brushing too hard. Gum surgery is one of my worst fears- it sounds so scary!

    re: dress shopping. I wore a strapless bra when I went shopping. Most times I went the consultant did not come in with me but at DB she did and I was wearing a thong and I felt bad lol. The other times I wore ugly nude seamless boy short underwear. At  DB and another place they had heels to try on with the dresses. Most of the time I was just barefoot though.
    I'm not doing much of anything this weekend. One of my friends is moving back to her home state of NJ this weekend so I need to see her- maybe get lunch or dinner and drinks. I'm really going to miss her! 


  • Today is my Birfday!!! I'm 25 on the 25th!

    @Swazzle -I wish H could have been aware of the importance of this weekend and rescheduled our trip to NOLA....Y'all will have soo much fun!

    Today is technically my Friday since we are leaving tomorrow for Madison for a wedding. Tonight we going out to dinner with some friends for Mexi and then I'm packing and getting Maddux's stuff ready to get dropped off tomorrow at H's mom's house.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to CrossFit and then taking Maddux to stay with H's mom the rest of the weekend. Once H gets off at noon we will pick up his tux and head to Madison to check into our hotel. It's about a two hour drive so we will get there a few hours before the rehearsal dinner.

    Saturday is the wedding and Sunday we head back.

    Sunday I need to meal plan and do some cleaning before we head to New orleans that upcoming Friday.

    phira[Deleted User][Deleted User]KeptInStitches
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
    10000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    @southernpeach89 - Happy birthday! It's my best friend's 25th birthday today too! It's a good day for a birthday :)

  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    @lavenderfields13 Wisdom teeth were a pain in the butt to recover from, but the surgery itself wasn't that bad. FI had his out last year and was eating solid food again the next day. The only reason I struggled recovering is because of all my sinus issues. You'll be fine! I promise! The gum surgery just sounds terrible... but I honestly have no clue what they do during that. I should do some research lol. Thanks for the tips on dress shopping-- I don't have nude underwear other than one thong (I always wear black undies because it's easy, and if I ever have an accident during my period, it won't completely ruin the undies), but I suppose I should go buy some. I only have a black strapless bra, so I may need to get a nude one of those too. Blah. 

    @southernpeach89 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

    @kaitlynmichelle Well hello there, OMH! :) How was the wedding?

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  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 1000 Comments Name Dropper
    @eilis1228 It was so lovely. I was so anxious when it was pouring rain all morning but the rain stopped and we had some gorgeous clouds in our pictures :D It was so perfect. I can't believe it really. Our canoe adventures with our bridal party ended up becoming a huge part of the wedding for everyone and we got a few themed gifts that night based on it!

    I can't wait to get more pictures :D
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  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Fourth Anniversary Name Dropper
    @beanbot2002 -  I'll pout with you this weekend! Have fun with Bean at his soccer assessment. And make sure to at least window-shop for super cute baby things. Does No-Uh still have the baby smell? I miss that. I have a newborn shoot on Sunday and I'm so going to sneak in a few good head sniffs :-)

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  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
    2500 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    @kaitlynmichelle I'm so glad everything went well! I've been thinking about you guys all week. The canoes sound like a lot of fun, and I bet your pictures will be really fun. Can't wait to see more!

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  • Happy Birthday @southernpeach89
    I had a quarter life crisis when I turned 25 and I'm still not over it lol

    [Deleted User]
  • @swazzle - I promise not to miss the next one and @goldenpenguin better be at that one too!

    This weekend we aren't doing much.  I have a hair appointment in the morning on Saturday.  The H's boss invited us over to dinner to celebrate my H's new job!  The only bummer is that he's going to be traveling 50% of the time for the next 3 months to BFE SD (Sioux Falls) so that is going to put a cramp in my baby making plans.

    Probably will just clean and hang out on Sunday since it's football day!

    What I wish I was doing this weekend is eating all the beignets, drinking all the hurricanes and meeting @buddsmom80, @csousa1, @leia1979 and the Canadian!

    Formerly doubless07
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
    5000 Comments Sixth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers


    @eilis1228 Most of the dresses I tried on had thick enough fabric that you couldn't see a black bra or black panties through them. I did bring a strapless bra, but even if you wear a regular one you can just slip your arms out of the straps and tuck them in to the dress as well. I think for most of my dress shopping excursions I did bring a strapless bra (unless I forgot it) and wore light colored thongs or undies. In some of the salons the consultant was in the room with me and in others she left long enough for me to either step in to the dress or put it over my head and then she'd come back in to help with clipping it or zipping it up.

    This weekend FI and I need to do ALL THE HOUSE THINGS. We literally have three weekends left until the wedding and we've been slacking on everything. We need to finish the new railing on our deck, do some serious lawn clean up work, chop and stack firewood, build a shelving unit for the basement and then organize the basement. Ugghhh I'm kind of freaking out right now over the list of things we need to do. And the fact that I'm getting married is becoming more and more real. It's such a huge thing and it's really starting to hit me.

    I'll also probably be calling the 40 slackers on our guest list who did NOT mail in their rsvps before the deadline and HAVE NOT contacted me through some other method to let me know whether or not they are coming. I'm so irritated...this is 25% of our guest list...how hard is it??? For the rest of my life I swear I will always mail in an rsvp immediately upon receipt of an invitation. I'm also annoyed at one of our hotel blocks. Apparently I somehow managed to call and book the block through a third party? Wtf? I know I called the hotel and got directed to their main line or something...and apparently that was a third party? I don't know. All I know is that I can't add extra rooms to the block and the block is full...soooo hopefully everyone who wanted to make a reservation there did so and it's all set up.

    [Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
    1000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary Name Dropper
    I ditto everything @Swazzle said. I am psyched for this trip and counting down the minutes until I can leave work!

    (59 minutes)
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  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Anniversary First Answer
    Hi everybody!! I'm jealous of the GTG - sounds like you ladies are going to have an awesome time!! All this cycling/bike talk makes me want to get out there, it's a great stress relief; I've only done 1 ride this year (which is pretty sad).

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