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Any of the brides who had their reception at the Society Room have an opinion plus or minus to having a day of coordinator? Was having the venue coordinator enough?? Thanks :)

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    I didn't get married at the Society Room but I feel like I've been a bridesmaid in a zillion weddings and I think if you have the extra money in the budget, a DOC is always a good idea.  Personally, having a DOC was really important to me because I didn't want to worry about dealing with anything on my wedding day, and I've been a BM in weddings with a DOC, and weddings without, and there's just no comparison .  Even with a venue coordinator, things flow so much smoother and better when you have a DOC.  You're just taken care of so much better.

    We went with Jen Strunk and she was an absolute lifesaver, but I know some of the girls on here have other recommendations too!

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  • I know that my DOC is doing an event at the Marquee, which is similar to the society room, so it's not out of the norm! Perfect Circle Occasions- Becky if you're interested!! I feel like having a DOC if you have the budget is great no matter where you are.
  • Chiming in to say that I agree if you are able to afford a DOC, do it. It was worth every penny! We also went with Jen Strunk.
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  • Great thanks so much everyone!! 
  • We used Kia from Estoccasions.  She was my full planner and DOC planner for my maid of honor.   Can't express how happy we were!
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  • Melissa from Paramount wedding designs...I used her in August at aria! Deff worth every penny
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    My daughter had her reception at Society Room. They were very attentive and took care of all the details. She didn't have a DOC and she didn't need one.
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