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All my guests are coming from out of state so I'm looking for some small items to include in my guest welcome bags that are Kentucky or specifically Lexington, KY themed. So far I've thought of bourbon balls and little bottles of bourbon or whiskey. I was thinking of trying to find horseshoe magnets or ornaments or something to represent it being horse country out here. 

I'm posting this on the KY board too but it's not very active...Does anyone have any thoughts?

Re: XP: Ideas for KY themed welcome bags

  • I utilized my google-fu to look up some Kentucky themed gift baskets. I found some ideas that I'll list:

    -BBQ sauce
    -Mini Derby pies
    -Jarred item such as jam, etc.
    -Local items such as honey, coffee, tea, etc.

    You could even look around http://www.atasteofkentucky.com for more ideas of what to get, even.

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  • I would stick to edible favors versus the horseshoe magnet/ornament. 

    I'm a huge bourbon fan, so I'd LOVE this favor. However, I'm in the minority there. Not everyone drinks/likes bourbon (or alcohol at all). 

    I would go with a treat. Like a mini derby pie:

     Or cookies with a horseshoe in the icing:

  • Don't clutter up a welcome bag with things the people have to take home.  Remember--all liquid/gel in a carry on roller bag has to be 3oz or less and go in a Ziploc bag.  Travelers who didn't check bags, which I almost never do, won't be able to take home full size BBQ sauce, etc.

    I personally prefer welcome items in my hotel (like a bottle of wine), or if anything at all, something I can eat and be done with.  I have so many reusable totes and I have too much knickknacky stuff like magnets, ornaments, etc.

    Consider adding an additional appetizer, upgrading your bar, etc.
  • Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas! This gives me a good starting point!

  • We decided to do bourbon balls (for the adults) and astronaut ice cream (for the kids/and we're getting married at the Science Center) as our favors. I personally, hate bourbon. I know, sacrilege here in Louisville, but I found some at a local chocolate shop that are delicious without being overly bourbony.

    As far as our welcome bags (we too have the majority of guests in from out of town) we decided we would just hit up costco for snacks. We want to add in information for people as far as attractions, maps, coupons, and the like. I'm planning on putting a couple of bottles of water, bags of cheez its, fruit snacks, and some cookie something. As far as a little add in, I agree with PP and don't go super knickknacky. If you really want to add a little something what about a postcard. It packs easily, won't take up much room, and if they aren't interested you are out maybe $0.50 versus however much a magnet is going to cost.

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