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This is silly, but I need some input.

So I bought crest white strips, and I've used these before. It was years ago for prom, but I loved them and had no problems. I started them just last night, and I woke up this morning with terrible pain and sensitivity!! It's miserable!! I spent like 40 bucks on these! And I have 20 days worth of strips. Should I throw them out and get married with not-so-white teeth!? I don't know what the hell I did wrong. I made sure to read the instructions more than once! Anyone have this problem before?

Re: This is silly, but I need some input.

  • I do have minor sensitivity with them, but yours sounds pretty bad, but maybe it's just the first use of getting used to them?  But someone on this board mentioned they make ones for sensitive teeth that work well, but I know what you mean, you already spend $$ on the damn things.  That sucks.  I don't have any advice really.  How long did you wear them for?
  • This happened to me the second time I tried using the strips (probably 3 years after the first time). I couldn't tolerate even keeping them on for 30 minutes.  I got some whitening trays from my dentist. More expensive and I have a little sensitivity to them but not nearly as bad. They are called opalescense and they come in a pack of 20. I used 10 when I first bought them in June and I have 10 more to use before my wedding. They keep for awhile but they have to stay refrigerated.
  • hkda2003hkda2003 member
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    The only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong is that I did it right before bed, right after brushing my teeth, so maybe the residual goo was still sitting on my teeth too long, untouched. I wore them for 30 minutes, like it said to. The opalescence sounds good. I just hate to have to spend more money. I'll keep it in mind!!
  • Yeah I would definitely try to rinse and brush again after taking the strips off to see if that was the reason!
  • It specifically says not to brush right after. But I think I will anyway!
  • I usually put them on before I brush my teeth, I just wipe my teeth off with a tissue and apply, they grip better with dry teeth.
  • Don't brush after!!  That makes it hurt more because your enamel is more sensitive then and you're damaging your teeth! 

    I have sensitivity to the whitestrips you have to leave on for more than 10 mins, try returning these and get ones that take more days, but less time each day.  The sensitive teeth ones work great, you leave it on only 5 mins each day. Gargle afterwards, don't brush!
  • Don't brush before.  I think it causes more sensitivity that way because your teeth are SO clean, there's not a "barrier" to help...it makes the stuff penetrate more/too much.  That is my theory.  I also don't put them on around the time I would usually brush them.  I use them while I'm watching TV or something.  So I'm not brushing them until much later at night.  After I use them I usually just get the residual stuff off with water and my fingers.  No brushes. 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    The package I have says 'Don't Brush Before' and 'Don't Brush After'.

    I have sensitivity after using them.  I am just doing a schedule with them:
    Brush teeth after dinner; put on the white strips 30 minutes before bedtime; rinse mouth with water after use.
    Monday - Use
    Tues - Use
    Wed - Break
    Thurs - Use
    Fri - Use
    Sat - Break
    Sun - Break

    I've been drinking 'staining' beverages with a straw (coffeee, tea, colored soda, etc).  I find using them before bedtime helps tremendously with my sensitivity.  One day I used them in the morning and went to eat an apple that was slightly chilled - I ended up throwing the apple away (I didn't have a knife available to cut it).

  • I started them last Wednesday. I've noticed a little more senitivity but not too much. I do brush my teeth before though. You may want to dry brushing after with a sensitive toothpaste.


  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    Definitely try the ones made for sensitive teeth. I know you've already paid a bunch of money for this pack...but honestly your reaction sounds pretty extreme and it may not be worth it. And yeah everyone else has said, don't brush before. I usually do mine in the morning when I wake up, have breakfast, and then brush my teeth.

  • I only use them once per week, because I have very sensitive teeth. I usually brush gently with water afterwards, so there's no residual bleach left on my teeth. 
    Also, use Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste on days that I'm whitening, and swish with coconut oil a few times per week as well. 
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  • Thank you everyone!!! All along I thought I was all set. It's a pack of 20, so I figured I'd start them 20 days before the wedding, and do them everyday!! But I think that might have to change. You're all so helpful
  • Try whitening with strawberries. It works amazing and it doesn't damage your teeth. All you have to do is bite down on a strawberry and rub it all over your teeth for 30 seconds. Throw it away, bite down on another one and rub it around your teeth. Do it like 5 times for a few days. Trust me- it works!
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  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba member
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    Wait... you're telling me... eating one of my favourite fruits will whiten my teeth?

    Is this real life?

    **The OMH formerly known as jsangel1018**
  • It works! I promise!
    I've even gotten comments from my co-workers after doing it. 
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  • I just don't leave them on for the full 30 minutes.  They still seem to work pretty well, but that helps avoid some of the sensitivity.
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  • hkda2003hkda2003 member
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    I just did them again, because my teeth were feeling much better. This time I did not brush my teeth first, and I rinsed with water right after. I'm planning on brushing in a couple of hours. Hopefully I don't wake up feeling like I did this morning. If I do, I'm going to skip a couple of days and try only doing 15 minutes.
  • It's funny I didn't know what this discussion was about before entering and I am using my white strips right now lol I wouldn't brush your teeth after just rinse with cool water. I noticed I get a horrible after taste when I take them out.
  • Just reminded me I need to start my pack!
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