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DIY Bouquets

Has anyone ever done this? Need just two so I thought I'd try the good ole DIY

Re: DIY Bouquets

  • I worked at a flower farm for a few months. Making your own bouquets is so easy and fun, though not necessarily cost-effective. You will definitely want to try out what you want to do in advance, and it may be hard/more expensive to find the flowers you'll want to use for your wedding long before then, since they will probably not be in season. Fresh cut flowers will be the easiest to work with. If you buy them directly from the growers, it will be less expensive than buying them from a grocery store or even a farmers' market.

    Or go with wildflowers if you live in an area that has them! Super inexpensive! =)
  • I did this for my sister's wedding last month. I made her bouquet, tossing, and 2 small ones for flower girls. If you can get to a wholesale dealer the flowers will be less expensive than a grocery store but those are not always easy to find. The actual making of the bouquets is so easy and really fun because it adds a personal touch to your day :)
  • I think DIY-ing flower bouquets are totally fun! I'm making my bouquet, bridesmaids and boutineres using vintage brooches and synthetic flowers. It's more cost effective for me and definitely adds a personal touch as naynay1985 said.
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