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SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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Morning! So glad today isn't Monday (I had off yesterday). 

My weekend was super busy. 

On Friday, H and I decided to take in the kitten that's been living in our backyard with his mom for a month or so. His mom hasn't been around lately and our landlord was having work done in the yard that day so I didn't want to just leave him out there. We've decided to keep him and so I'd like for you all to meet the newest addition to the Swazzle Family, this is Brody: 


On Saturday, I went to @buddysmom80's bridal shower! It was SUCH a nice day and she looked gorgeous. That night, H and I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert which was a great time. 

Sunday, I took Brody and Lucy to the clinic for shots and then H and I watched the Dolphins game. We stopped at Petco and got Brody some stuff and then I went out for the Eagles game which was phenomenal. 

My mom got admitted to the hospital for something heart-related late Sunday night. I drove down there early yesterday morning and spent the day with her. It was a really scary day but we found out last night that it's something that's treatable with medicine and she was allowed to go home. Such a relief! I got home pretty late and I'm super tired today. I need an extra couple of days to recover from my weekend! 

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Re: Tuesday Chat

  • I'm glad your mom is okay, @Swazzle!  and Brody is adorable, hopefully he is a good boy!

    I am dragging today.  I worked from home yesterday, which was awesome.  I didn't sleep well last night!  I did a JM Yoga Meltdown work out in the morning, and then after I clocked out of work I did a 50 min Bob Harper Kettlebell work out... and my legs were so uncomfortable, it kept me from sleeping.  I'm supposed to get in a run tonight, so I'm hoping I can walk the leg tightness off or something. 

    oh, and Bax woke us up at 12:38 with fish butt.  GRRRRR.

    buuuut!!!  my house is being cleaned today, HOORAY!!!  and we are having leftovers tonight, so I will come home to a clean house and don't have to cook.

    I made the ST Buttermilk Oven "Fried" Chicken, and it's one of the best ST recipes I've ever had!  I want to try it with chicken tenders.
    Swazzle[Deleted User][Deleted User]eilis1228
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @cocobellaf - Thank you! He's such a snugglebutt. I can't wait until he's able to be introduced to his brother and sisters. Good to know about that ST recipe, I've been considering trying it! I'm always hesitant to make her recipes that call for buttermilk because it comes in such a big container and it always goes to waste. Maybe I'll pick out a couple buttermilk recipes to make this week to use up more of it. 

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    @swazzle aaaaah, kitten!!! He's adorable!

    I'm up earlier than usual today. I was supposed to be at work around 7 (so I could be home by 8:30), but I ended up sleeping till 7 and getting in at quarter of eight. I should be done by 9:30, but still. Ugh. And there's so much shit to get done today.

    Tonight, we've got a bunch of irritating wedding stuff to do. I have to sort out a bunch of checks and bonds and figure out when I'm going to pick up our license and cash the bonds. We also really need to practice dancing; we have a lesson tomorrow night. I'm so stressed; Thursday night is the only night this week I'm going to be home before 8pm.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    @Swazzle SO glad your momma is okay!!  Anything heart-related is always scary :(  And Brody is adorable!  I wish we could get another kitty but my cat HATES other cats. 

    I am super tired today. Its my period week so I'm dragging and hungry ALL DAY LONG.  I hate it. I just want to curl up on my couch in my yoga pants.

    H and I decided last night to host a Halloween party since none of our friends were this we have less than 2 weeks to put it together. I just really want to dress up. 
  • @Swazzle - I can find the buttermilk in a smaller container, but it's still a lot.  I made some buttermilk smashed potatoes to help use it up!  you could also make WW buttermilk waffles or pancakes and freeze them.

    or you can make buttermilk by using 1 TBSP lemon juice or white vinegar added to 1 cup minus 1 TBSP of regular milk (the TBSP of lemon juice/vinegar and the milk should equal 1 cup total).  let it sit for 5 minutes and you've got buttermilk.
  • @LaPeanut1018 - BIG EXCITING WEEK!!!!!!
  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    @Swazzle - I cannot wait to meet Brody!!

    I had a crazy busy weekend as well. When I got home on Friday, FI's best friend from HS had just arrived to stay with us for the weekend. I quickly got myself ready to go out, and we got on a train into the city. We went to the Upper East Side and met up with 5 friends and friends-of-friends, and went to 3 different bars. By the end of the night it was just me and FI, his friend, and their other friend from HS who lives in the city and met up with us. We didn't get home until about 2:30am. 

    Saturday, @Swazzle met me at my place and we drove up to CT to go to @Buddysmom80 's bridal shower. Ladies, I am not exaggerating when I say she looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her shower was SO NICE, with great food and drinks AND I won a Dunkin Donuts gift card which has already been put to good use.

    @Swazzle and I drove back to NY, and I got home at 7pm - rushed inside, let my dog out and fed her, changed into new clothes, and somehow managed to get on a train by 7:32 to meet FI and his friend in the city again. They had been wandering around all day, and we met up at my ex-roommate's apartment downtown. She also had a guest staying with her that weekend, so after drinking some wine at her apt, we all headed out together. We wound up at the first bar I had ever been to, and spent the entire night there. No really - the entire night. FI's friend was flirting with my friend's guest, and it was quite difficult to get them to realize that the bar was about to close, and it was time for the night to end. We finally, FINALLY, got on the subway a little before four. I wasn't sleeping until at least 5:15. I am TOO OLD to be out that late!!!!

    Sunday I was up by 10:30, because I promised my friend (the same one we had been out with the night before), that I would drive her to her riding lesson. I spent two hours with her at the horse farm, and then we went back to my place and spent the whole day on the couch watching TV and recapping the previous night. The boys were at an NFL game, and I had fun catching up with my friend.

    Poor FI and his friend had a nightmare of a time getting home from the game. It only took them 40 minutes to get TO the stadium, but FOUR HOURS to get back. Fucking traffic. When they finally got home, I went up to a local pub with them to get dinner - none of us drank that night at least.

    On Monday, I knew I was still in no shape to get to work - I probably had gotten less than 10 hours of sleep the whole weekend. I called in sick (for the first time ever, so I won't even feel guilty!), and once FI's friend got on the road I had an awesomely lazy day with FI, who already had off from work.

    Now, back to reality :-(
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @phira - You sound like a busy lady!

    @severmilli12 - Thank you! Yea it was a scary couple of days but she is doing ok now, thankfully. Any ideas for costumes? 

    @LaPeanut1018 - Ahhh! FOUR days?! How did that happen? I'm so excited for you!

    @cocobellaf - Yea, the one at my grocery store is in a tall container so there's always a ton left. I've been wanting to make the mashed cauliflower so I might add that to the menu too :)

    @hummingbird125 - I can't wait for you to meet him! 

  • @swazzle, I'm so glad to hear your mom is ok!

    @phira, Boo for annoying to-do lists.

    @lapeanut1018, Squee!  You're SO close!


    I'm up and at work super early this morning.  I made a huge fuck up yesterday, and am sort of freaking out that when my boss comes in, she'll rip me a new asshole.  (Which, frankly, would be deserved.)  I was supposed to get some stuff together for a bridal expo she was attending on behalf of the company yesterday.  And it TOTALLY slipped my mind because I've been focused on getting everything prepped for when I'm gone (since I leave on Thursday.)  And I feel AWFUL about it.  Like, woke up at 3am and had a panic attack awful.

    Also, DH and I had a string of fights this weekend.  And I'm still hurt/sad from them.  I don't forgive easily or quickly, so I know it'll take time.  But I'm just really sad about it.

    Yesterday, I worked from home so I could go to a few doctors appointments.  No news to report at this time.  But I'll keep you updated.

    From now until we leave, I have a million things to do, and I'm unbelievably stressed.  I have a lot to do for work.  And I have a lot to do at home.  Sigh.  I can't WAIT till Thursday.
  • @Swazzle -Brody is the cutest! I'm also very glad to hear your mom is ok!

    @LaPeanut1018 -I know exactly how you feel about the family drama with Tim....we had to deal with the same thing with H....UGH oh well. Hopefully they will be super happy and excited the day of and not involve their drama.

    Yesterday I FINALLY got some cleaning done. Today I have to get the interior of my car cleaned because it's covered in Maddux hair. On my lunch break I plan to do some sweeping and mopping since it's raining cats and dogs and there is a bunch of gunk all over the floor.

    Tonight I'm going to CrossFit, getting the car cleaned, then coming home and cooking dinner. After dinner I might do some dusting even though that's planned for tomorrow...I'll see how much time I have and get started on putting the guest room together for my cousin that's staying with me.
  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    @swazzle The thing I hate the most about my long days is that there's a lot of sitting around. And there's a lot of planning about the sitting around time. Like, if I've got an hour-long step, but it's going to come at a point in the day where I'm not in the lab for two hours because of teaching, then I have to wait to do it.

    As for the 12-hour experiment I'm doing, there's a preincubation step (takes 10 minutes to set up, then wait for an hour). Then there's adding the rest of the reagents (10 minutes). Then I have a step 4 hours later (5 minutes). And then 4 hours after that (5 minutes). And then 4 hours after that (5 minutes). And I live 20-40 minutes away, depending on the train. >.< Tomorrow and Friday are dance lessons; I won't have time for another 12-hour experiment until next week.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @southernpeach89 I keep telling FI that he just needs to give "FI Family 101" not "FI Family 404 - Advanced Analytics" or something...

    @loves2shop4shoes It's almost time for you to go on vacation! Soon you'll be able to relax and have fun and everything will start to feel better!
  • @swazzle glad your mom is ok.  That kitten is the cutest ever!!!!

    Today consists of nothing but meetings and conference calls, it is 5 yet?

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @loves2shop4shoes - Yay for vacation! Do you leave on Friday?

    @southernpeach89 - Thank you!

    @phira - Sheesh! My eyes crossed just reading all of that! I hope it goes smoothly!

    @Peaseblossom55 -Thanks so much! I'm so sorry about your friend, I just got caught up on the weekend thread. Big hugs to you <3

  • @allusive007 -OMG your grandparents are precious! I love their reaction!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @allusive007 Oh my gosh your grandparents are adorable! That video was the PERFECT reaction! I was smiling so much watching that.
  • Ollie08Ollie08 Central FL member
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    @swazzle - OMG kitty!!! Hi Brody! Any relation to @GoldenPenguin's Brady? ;-) Also, I'm really glad your mom is ok. That had to be terrifying.

    @LaPeanut1018 - FOUR DAYS! Also, yay for a clean house! What a treat.

    @Hummingbird125 - Dang! That's one heck of a weekend. I'm with you, I can't stay out late like I used to. I'm totally lame.

    I'm really happy it's Tuesday. Still not really thrilled about working. We're supposed to get storms rolling in this afternoon that will pretty much be on and off again until the front gets here tomorrow night. I'm kind of looking forward to that because then maybe soccer practice will be cancelled.
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    @Swazzle - I'm glad your mom's okay, that's so scary!! Your new furry addition is adorable, I wouldn't be able to stop snuggling him!

    @LaPeanut1018 - 4 DAYS!!! AH!

    @loves2shop4shoes - Sorry to hear about your weekend :( I don't get over stuff as quickly as I'd like to, I'm still annoyed with FI about a couple things from this weekend.

    @allusive007 - Aw, your grandparents are adorable!!


    I feel like I've hardly been on here lately! Work was crazy last week and I was out of the office most of Friday, yesterday was a holiday here (YAY thanksgiving) and then I'm off to New York on 2 day work week for me!

    That really means that I should NOT be on here, because I have a ton of stuff to do. But I needed a break from badly written emails and you ladies are way more fun than work!

    My weekend was super busy, since it was Thanksgiving. Friday night FI and I had a date night, dinner and a movie (went to see The Judge, I thought it was great!). Saturday FI went to hockey and golf, I got to sleep in a bit and then took care of a ton of stuff at home (laundry, cleaning, pie-baking). Saturday evening we had Thanksgiving round 1 with my parents and sister and her BF; excellent dinner and hung out and watched the hockey game. Sunday was church and nap time and then back to church. And then yesterday was a bit of sleeping in followed by helping FMIL get ready for Thanksgiving dinner at her place. Needless to say I ate way too much this weekend and feel sort of sluggish today.

    Today I have to power through a ton of stuff at work, ignore my suspicions that I'm getting a cold, and try to leave work on time. I have a couple things to try and get done at home, and then FI and I are going to the Leafs game! Then just one more day of work and we get to go to New York for 4 days :)

  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @severmilli12 - That's adorable!!

    @allusive007 - Thanks! I can't see the video but those mugs are super cute!

    @Ollie08 - Brody totally looks like a mini-Brady! I expect him to be as much of a terror too since he has ginger in his blood hahaha

    @lmcooper86 - Thank you! I *really* want to see The Judge. I love Robert Downey Jr! Have a great time in NYC!

  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    @swazzle - So glad your momma is better. I can't wait to meet mini-Brady!! :) 

    @cocobellaF - I want to try that ST chicken recipe too!! It sounds delicious!

    @LaPeanut1018 - SO CLOSE!!! YOU'RE GONNA BE A WIFE SOON!!!

    @Severmilli12 - those costumes are ADORABLE. I demand pictures of you guys in them!! 

    @allusive007 - That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I LOVE it!!


    My Tuesday is fairly boring. I'm still waiting for e-pics. Waiting to hear back from our seller's attorney on the things we asked for. It's gray & dreary, so I just want to go back to bed and snuggle. 

    I did get a super cool new Keurig yesterday, so I enjoyed a delightful mug of coffee this morning. So I guess Tuesday isn't a total wash. 


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  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @swazzle, Brody is adorable!! And I'm glad your mom is ok.

    @lapeanut1018, a manageable to-do list! So close!!

    @lmcooper86, I'm glad you liked The Judge - I really want to see it.
    Hmm, it's Tuesday, huh? I think I'm not clocking hours today - I have a marketing paper to write. It's not bad, I just have to take the technical document and write it for the legislature to review (haha, think they'll actually read my draft - I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you). It's something I've been putting off for months now so I'd better get to it.

    And depending on how motivated I am I have dissertation chapters to work on.

    This evening I'll be knitting. I'll get the snow-white blanket off my needles today. Over-under on someone buying that? (Hint: someone will. Someone who's never had kids.)

    FI is taking Thursday afternoon and all of Friday off work this week. Maybe I will see visible progress in the house (bitter me has another bridge in Brooklyn up for sale there).

    Oh, and I guess I should look and see if my rocketry professor posted the next homework assignment ... yep. New plan for this morning, huh?
  • @Swazzle - So friggin cute!

    @loves2shop4shoes - I'm sorry about the work issue and the doctors and the fights.  Hugs to you.  I hope you and your H can relax soon on vacation.

    @LaPeanut1018 - I can't believe it is so close!!! :)

    @allusive007 - THAT is adorable.


    Weekend was good here.  H and I went biking Saturday and saw Gone Girl that night.  Sunday we did ALL the yard work, watched football and drank.

    Last night I had to help a cousin who is getting a divorce (I'm not a divorce attorney but after practicing law for 8-9 years I know a few things about it).  I'm so sad for him...they were high school sweethearts, have been married 8 years and in the last year she has cheated twice.  :(  He's also a super nice guy.  Ugh.

    Today is going my morning walk in and a little extra bike ride too since I didn't workout yesterday.  Even in the rainy weather I love to be outside....always cheers me up!

  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @severmilli12 OMG I LOVE THOSE COSTUMES! Wow! I think I've mentioned this before, but FI and I absolutely love Wall-E. All of our electronics are named after the movie. You MUST post pics of you guys in those costumes. They are seriously super cute! 

    @swazzle Wow, what a weekend! New kitty = happy, heart problems with your mom = super scary. So many different emotions! I'm so glad everything is OK with your mom! 

    @phira I've been having the same issue with oversleeping lately. For the life of me, I cannot get up when my alarm goes up. My sleepy self turns off the alarm, and I sleep for an extra hour or so and wake up in a panic. It's the worst. I really hope you're able to relax a bit so that you can sleep better and get up when planned. :( You are quite the busy lady!

    @GoldenPenguin I was thinking about you and your epics the other day. I can't wait to see them! When did the photog say they'd be available?

    @LaPeanut1018 DUDE! 4 DAYS! YAY! I hope your FI's family drama doesn't rear its ugly head at the wedding. Gotta love family dynamics like that. My family always jokes that we put the "fun" in "dysfunctional." :-P 

    @Hummingbird125 Reading about your weekend made me tired! lol. It sounds like a blast though, and I'm glad you were able to go to so many memorable events. Did the two guests actually hook up? 

    @loves2shop4shoes *hugs* You are a kick ass employee, and everyone screws up from time to time. It will be OK! 

    As for me... not too much to report. Last night I forced myself to the gym for the first time in over a week. I also binged on Tootsie Rolls, but at least I made it to the gym, right? Today's goal is gym and normal, healthy diet. 

    FI is working late again most of this week, but he comes home for a couple of hours to eat dinner and hang out with me. He's the bee's knees, y'all.

    This weekend we're going to Austin for a friend's baby shower, and we're getting really excited for our mini trip. We're staying with my aunt, so Friday night we'll take her out to dinner. Saturday I have the baby shower, and then we're going to hang out with my cousin and his wife (not related to the aunt we're staying with), which should be a lot of fun. They know how to have a good time. lol. Plus he and FI are both engineers, so they talk nerdy to each other and get along. I can't wait to see all of my college friends at the baby shower. I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

    Last night we had a bit of family drama. FI has an older half brother from his dad's first (or second?) marriage. This brother is almost 50 years old, and FI wasn't even aware of his existence until a few years ago. Anywho, they're FB friends but have never met, and there's some weird tension between the brother and FI's dad... we don't really know a lot of the details there. So, last night FI's brother sends FI a FB message asking when the wedding is. We tell him the date, and then he asks us to send him an invitation and give us his address. I think that's pretty cool. A very nice gesture. However, I'm worried about the potential drama that could come from that. We called FI's mom, and she's going to talk to FI's dad. Should be interesting.

    Anywho, I have to run to a meeting and then tackle the mountain of stuff on my to-do list. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
  • @swazzle glad your're mom is doing ok, I'd be so scared. 
    And Brody is so freakin cute! I want another kitty but FI will not allow it and I don't think it would go over  too well with my other cat.

    @goldenpenguin I can't believe you still haven't got your e-pics back yet! Did your photog give you a sneak peak or anything? We did ours on a Tuesday and the thumb drive was in my mailbox that Saturday. I'm surprised because I didn't think he was going to send them as early as he said he would. 

    I am bored out of my mind at work today. We've been pretty dead since Friday. It's like torture. There's only so many things I can look at on TK or Pinterest.


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