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HELP! I don't have a option, I have to get my dress online.


I am in desperate need of any help I can get. I live in South Africa but my fiance is American and we are getting married in America. (We met when I used to live and work in America). I have gone to a few bridal stores in South Africa and tried on many different styles of dresses so that I have an idea of what style looks best on my body type. However, I do not like any of the dresses here and they are so expensive. I will not have time to shop in American bridal stores as the wedding will be very soon after I arrive in the US so I have to order online (It can be shipped to the US with my fiance or mother-in-law). I have been doing all my research but everyone seems to think all online stores are bad. I don't want a fancy designer dress and I am on a tight budget. (The exchange rate is 1:10 so its very expensive for me). Anything under $500 would be great. I will attach a photo of the dress that I like. If anyone can find anything siumlar on a proper legit wedding dress site within my budget, that would be great! I don't want a used dress but I am pretty tiny (5fft3) so I should be able to fit into sample size dresses if needs be. I plan on taking the online dress to a tailor and having it tailored to my body type. Please help! I am so worried. :/

P.S- Does anyone know if the sites or are legit?

Re: HELP! I don't have a option, I have to get my dress online.

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