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Proposal Engagement Idea Help!!!

My friends soon-to-be fiance will be proposing to her in November and I am in charge of decorating where it will happen while they are out for the day!
His idea is super cute and VERY fitting for the 2 of them. In a nutshell, Frozen is their movie. He is going to propose when they will no doubt be singing the "Love is an Open Door" and pull out a ring when it gets to the "will you marry me part". 
Anyways, as far as she knows, it's just a cute movie night but I want to decorate the place. It will be in her living room which is relatively small. 
I'm not super creative, all I know is I want a lot of low-light with Christmas lights and candles...but I can't get past that...any ideas?

Re: Proposal Engagement Idea Help!!!

  • I would think about how you'd decorate for a winter get together: snowflake banners, sparkly curtains, etc. One nice touch might be to decorate a bowl for popcorn or whatever snacks they'll munch on during the movie since she thinks it's a movie night, maybe come in with a Frozen or winter themed treat like cookies with blue icing or these look pretty easy to make: http://hip2save.com/2014/08/26/frozen-themed-muddy-buddies-recipe/

    Good luck!

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    So... not to be a downer but... Hans is a murderous bad guy, and they don't end up together. I wouldn't want to be proposed to during a song where the heroine gets engaged to the villain of the story. Maybe he should think about a different point in the movie to propose? I'm Disney obsessed, and that inconsistency would bug me, maybe it wouldn't bug your friend.
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