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Nevada-Las Vegas

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings

Hi everyone!
I am getting married next May, I have booked Lakeside at Tule Springs with Scenic Las vegas, Has anybody been married or getting married here?
Melissa has been very helpful with any questions I have asked!

Still deciding what to do for the reception, as i'm not sure yet exactly how many people are coming, I can't really book anything but, does anyone have any recommendations? We will have a maximum of 20-25 guests! 

Staying at the MGM Signature, Anyone know if doing an in-suite reception you can bring your own drinks in? And just have the caterer supply the food?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Scenic Las Vegas Weddings

  • I don't really have any answers to your questions but I wanted to comment on what a pretty spot you chose. Sounds lovely!

    Also, I contacted Melissa at one point and she was so helpful and quick to respond! Happy planning. :)


  • I can't be much help with in terms of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings but the option you have chose looks very beautiful! 
    I'm also interested about the MGM Signature in-suite options for a meet and greet as we will be staying there!

  • I didn't get married with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, but I follow them on facebook to see all the pictures!  

    We didn't do an in-suite, but the last time we stayed Signature we brought a lot of booze with us and the bell desk guys brought it to our room with not questions asked.  

    What type of room are you getting?  I think only the one bedroom would work for that many people...

    As far as a caterer for there, since its only valet - I would probably ask.  Might be hard to sneak in.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Thanks for all of the comments!! :) It does look really pretty! Very happy with the decision we made!

    I think we are going to do a meal at a restaurant instead of in-suite... Has anyone been to the Pearl?

    Sounds good about getting booze into our room, and will maybe do a meet and greet in-suite like MishMashPotato :)
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