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Spain Wedding, should I block off rooms in a hotel?

I am getting married next August in Granada Spain, where I met my husband (we already got married in the court house to get immigration papers started). 
We are having our ceremony in a Catholic church in Spain where all of his family lives. About 20 family/friends of mine will be coming. Since it is such a long/expensive trip, I want to help them find cheaper places to stay than a hotel, although I know that is the traditional destination wedding style. I also have to consider that it isn't just a weekend, many of them, or all of them will be staying for the week at least. There are many nice apartments in great locations in the city that they can rent for the week for a fraction of the cost. The only problem is that this means they won't all be in the same spot, making some of the logistics more difficult, such as transportation to the wedding and any other post wedding breakfast or parties we may have. I'm sure my husbands family and friends wouldn't mind picking them up and taking them, but I don't know if that would get complicated. If anyone has been in this situation, or has any ideas, I'm open to anything! Thanks! <3 

Re: Spain Wedding, should I block off rooms in a hotel?

  • Hi Andrea!

     I'm getting married in Portugal next summer (also a having a Catholic Church ceremony close to my family's hometown).  We blocked off hotel rooms at 2 local hotels, one 3 star that ranged from 40-50 Euro a night and one 4 star hotel that was between 85-100 Euros a night.  The great thing about the hotels is that they don't require a deposit from you to hold the rooms, I'm not sure if it's the same in Spain but I assume it's similar.  We were also thinking about renting a house on AirBnB for my fiance's family but there aren't many options in my city because it's so small.  I'm having the same issue trying to figure out transportation for guests to and from the venue, and many friends have informed me they may be renting cars, but definitely not all of them.  I'll probably have around 30-35 guests coming from the US for the wedding.  I hope that helps a bit!
    - Andrea (also)
  • Thanks Andrea! 
    I am going to start checking out hotels. Hopefully no deposit needed!
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