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In-Suite Reception & Ceremony "Schedule" Suggestions

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Re: In-Suite Reception & Ceremony "Schedule" Suggestions

  • I think we are going to pass around the champagne before the ceremony so everyone has it ready in hand.  Maybe you can softly start playing a certain song and  have the officiant clank on a glass to get everyone's attention to start?  
  • I like the idea of doing the "reception" before the ceremony.  Lovely!
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  • This is an interesting concept! Are you guys attending the "reception" or will you not see your guests until the ceremony? I think a group shot or toast would act as a good send-off for you guys to leave, but just not sure how you indicate to guests what they're supposed to do next.
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  • I love this! Before we decided to renew our vows alone, we planned to do something similar. A cocktail reception in our suite prior to the ceremony on the terrace. (Then a group dinner afterward.) We thought that we would have our officiant lead us when it was time to begin as well as switch the music. (I think stopping it altogether for a moment or turning it down?) (This was for just 10-12 people though so I didn't envision it being very difficult.)

    When we got married, we had champagne flutes passed out immediately after the ceremony and it was awesome. I love that option when you aren't in a church. ;) Literally, after we kissed, there was champagne in my hand. LOL I would definitely do that at the end of your ceremony.

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  • We are doing an in-suite ceremony and cocktails and I have been wondering how I'm going to make an entrance.  There is sort of a natural isle, but I think I would feel silly "walking down the isle."  I guess there's not much of a way around it though depending on when you want everyone to have that first look of you.
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  • It was H's idea to do this and at first I was like, "Huh? A cocktail party before the ceremony?" Then he said, "Who would mind having a drink or two, some appetizers and just mingling and hanging out as the first part of the evening together?" When he put it that way, of course the answer was- no one! :)

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  • There is a little credenza in our suite, and we plan to have champagne glasses out and full ready for guests to pick up on the way in.  Our people like to drink.  
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