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6 or 8 hour photography package?! Timeline help needed!

Ok so Im thinking about Bentley Wilson for photography but im trying to figure out timelines. Ceremony is TheWedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay so i have to use cashman for the ceremony so should i not bother with getting ready pictures? I was thinking of a 6 hour photoghraphy package with this being roughly the timeline. Does this seem realistic or should i do an 8 hour package? Or should i do the strip tour after the Cashman photography session, schedule the dinner for like 7:30, and take pictures in my first dress. So many decisions. Previous Vegas brides, opinions on what shots you missed, wished you had gotten, needed, didnt need would  be great. HELP?!

5:00-5:30- Ceremony
5:30-6:00- Cashman photography session
6:00-6:15- Meet with Bentley and Wilson
6:15-7:15- Bayside Buffet Dinner
7:30- Guests arrive to Vista Suite and mingle
7:30 -8:15- Photography around Mandalay Bay with Bridal Party and Groom
8:30-10:30- Bridal Party joins for Cake Cocktails and Dancing in Suite
!0:30- 12:00- Change into Glittery dress and hit the town for Strip photography Tour and after party
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Re: 6 or 8 hour photography package?! Timeline help needed!

  • The whole question I have...what are your guest going to do for 45 mins? I know there's lots of conversations on if to have a gap or not as some guests may roam off. 
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  • An hour seems like a really short time for dinner to me, especially at a buffet.  
  • @hmgiffor‌ the plan is to have my mother who is our day of coordinator let guests into the suite for a cocktail hour almost. We will have a bartender and dj who will play background music. Let them check out the suite, sign the guestbook, mingle and have some cocktails during that 45 minutes. @aggiespartan‌ we won't be doing speeches or anything during dinner. It'll kindve just be dinner and then heading upstairs to the suite. I could extend it an extra half and hour the bridal party would just have to dip out early with us like 20 minutes early to take pictures.
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  • Fiance and I have gone to buffets in Vegas and spent an hour an a half just alone.  I imagine that will will need at least 2 hours if everyone is socializing.  

    Most of our people are heavy eaters and heavy drinkers, so I imagine we will have many "beat the buffet" types that will go up several times.
  • See that's so funny, me and fiancee go to buffets because we don't have to be there forever, there's a ton of options and the food is already done just have to get in line. 2 hours at the buffet socializing doesn't sound fun to me that's what the in suite reception is for. I think what we will end up doing is me, groom, and bridal party will be there for an hour. Go take pictures. Suite will be ready when the guests are, they can start heading up whenever they are finished. We plan on have appetizers in suite if anyone is still hungry.
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  • We try a little bit of everything on the buffet.  At Wicked Spoon all of the desserts are amazing, so I usually have about 20 mini desserts too.  When we went to Bacchanal I'm pretty sure fiancé tried almost every single item. 

    When we went to Spice Market and the buffet in Bellagio it was a little different though, because the food wasn't nearly as good.

  • With regards to the getting ready pictures, it really depends on your personal preference.  Personally, I love the photojournalistic style pictures of me getting ready and him getting ready as well as some of the staged pictures of my wedding dress in a window,  our rings placed on the heels of my hot pink sandals, etc.   The question really is who will take them.  If its your main photographer, then you essentially have to pay them for the 15-20 minutes where they cannot take pictures of your ceremony.

    Also, does Madalay Bay allow you to use an outside photographer for a fee?  I did that with my ceremony at Paris instead of using the chapels photographer. 
  • For the difference in price of what Todd charges to go from 6 to 8 hours, I'd do 8; better to have the pics than regret not having them later.

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