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What types of things did/will your DOC do? We're considering hiring one, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

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  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    100000000x worth it, especially if you're having a larger wedding. Things mine will do:

    -coordinate the rehearsal the day before.
    -Make sure vendors stick to their contracts. All food/cake is delivered and done as expected, DJ/MUA/Stylist is there on time, Florist is there on time with the expected flowers, limo is there, ect.
    -All photos I want are taken.
    -I'm getting married 3 hours away from where I live-if I forget anything, they can pick it up for me.
    -They will arrange all extra centerpieces/decor I've made, along with my escort cards.
    -Keep my gifts/cards safe.
    -They will make sure everything is on time, and if anything happens, I won't have to worry about it.

    Pretty much, they are there to be your event designer (unless you're having a lot of design and have one person specifically for that), and event manager. They work for you, unlike the hotel/venue/church's coordinator who is there to make sure their needs are met. I don't have to ask my mom, MIL, MOH or anyone else to do anything for me as I will have them to do it. 


  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    It is definitely worth it. My DOC handled everything for me the day of the wedding. She made sure everything was set up the way it was supposed to be and that everything was there and everyone was where they needed to be. She also cleaned up all my stuff for me at the end of the night and took it all back to my house. She set up our after party too.

    I'm sure people are probably tired of hearing this story on here, but my cake fell over 3 hours before my wedding was supposed to start. I didn't even find out about it until after it was fixed. If I didn't have a DOC I would have been trying to figure out how to get my cake fixed and freaking out instead of getting ready to get married. You can't even put a price on that kind of piece of mind. It was great to be able to relax on the day of and not have to ask anybody to do anything for me.
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    I had one for my first wedding. She thought of things to help the day run smoothly that I would have never thought of or remembered to do. I did not want a wedding planner because I felt very strongly about planning the wedding myself and it being a 100% reflection of me, but a DOC totally worth it. 


  • KikiMiraKikiMira member
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    So worth the money. Best decision we made. She arrived earlier than us to the venue, made sure everything showed up, items were set up as requested, anything I asked her to do and she said sure just tell me how you want it. She was fantastic.  
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  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    We didn't think it was worth it, but we had a coordinator at the venue.  We had our ceremony and reception at the same location, so she was there during the duration to do things that a DOC might have done (made sure tables set up, flowers where they belonged, things like our toasting flutes, unity candle, cake cutting serveware, etc were boxed up at the end of the night, etc, etc)  So for us, a DOC would have been a waste.  I guess if something went wrong with an actual vendor, I'd be singing a different tune, but no regrets here.
  • Worth it. We had 45 people at our wedding and I couldn't imagine not having one at a larger wedding. 

    She helped me on the day of, she also set up all decor and tore it down afterwards. She contacted all vendors a week before the wedding and ensured they arrived on time to the chapel. She was great. Anything I wanted - she was there for. I didn't have to stress or worry about a thing. 

  • A million, million times worth it. Our DOC:

    • Even though she was officially a DOC and not a wedding planner, met with us ahead of time and gave us a million creative ideas that we used in our wedding.
    • Kept us from over paying for booze (she talked us into a consumption tab over a per person tab, and it saved us literally THOUSANDS of dollars)
    • Ran our rehearsal
    • Stored all the decor I was providing myself (as opposed to what was brought and set up by the florist) for two days before the wedding and set it all up at the wedding - this included family photo display, garlands, a big guest book board, votives, bud vases, vintage postcards, etc.
    • Used her own judgment how to set everything up to look pretty - and it did!
    • Was in charge of making sure all the vendors showed up when they were supposed to, so I didn't have to call or worry about anything.
    • We did a first look, and due to some scheduling issues, it got pushed back to exactly when our parents and siblings started arriving. I will be forever grateful that our DOC ran serious interference and made them all go inside so we could have our first look moment alone.
    • My florist delivered flowers earlier in the day, but the baker didn't deliver the cake until after the ceremony (it was hot out, our wedding was outdoors, and we didn't want the cake to melt), so the DOC arranged the florist's flowers on the cake.
    • Set out all my escort "cards", which were actually big heavy spanish tiles
    • Looked over my table/chair rental and worked up a mock set up, coordinated with the rental vendor to have everything set up before I even made it to the venue.
    • Somehow cleaned everything up and packed up all my belongings and all our wedding gifts in my parent's car at the end of the night without me even realizing. In the craziness, somehow remembered to tape the keys to our wine cereomony box to the side of the box so we wouldn't lose them. Somehow remembered to remove my great-grandmother's priceless pocketwatch from my bouquet once the dance floor got underway and made sure it was safely put away. (I didn't even ask her to do this, she just did it on her own because she is a pro).
    • Kept the wedding on schedule - the schedule that she helped us work out ahead of time.
    • Sent each of the bridal party down the aisle, perfectly on time, with a smile and a reminder to stand up straight.
    • Pinned on all the groomsmen's flowers and always magically showed up with an extra pin when ever one was sagging.
    • Continually checked in with me and the groom to see if we needed anything, made sure we ate dinner, made sure our champagne glasses were always full.
    • Had two fancy glasses of beer waiting for my groom and I at the end of the recessional.
    • Kept everyone calm. Even before the ceremony when I started to freak out about timing and getting photos done. And even when my groom spilled salsa on his shirt before photos.

    Seriously, invaluable.

  • Check to see if certain venues offer one as part of the package. I am getting married at a pretty upscale downtown location and the venue comes with a wedding coordinator, who has been so helpful in keeping me organized and coordinating with vendors. Also, we will have an "event manager" included as well, who stays the whole entire time at the wedding to ensure everything goes perfect. And since they came with the space, they are so knowledgeable about what works well in the space.
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