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Wedding freak out!

I'm starting to get really nervous about my big day. I never like to be the center of attention in any way and I completely understand that I am the bride but I'm really nervous. I'm freaked out just by the guest list.. its 206 people!!! I don't even know that many people! And everything cost sooo much it's crazy. I just want a weekend were I don't have to go look at dresses, try cake samples or just talk about the wedding.

Re: Wedding freak out!

  • Breath!!! The good news is that when you walking down the isle, once you see your FI and lock in on him, everyone else disappears. And once you get to the reception, again, once you start partying, it you'll just be having so much fun, you'll get lost in the fun. Once you get all the big stuff out of the way, you'll feel better & you will several weekends not about the wedding. It crazy how much everything costs, my advice is to keep things simple & classy. Don't go crazy with decorations or all the small things, people don't remember that. They remember if the food was good, if they had fun & how beautiful you looked.
  • I think it helps to designate certain times as non-wedding planning blocks. We had to plan in advance - "this Wednesday we're going to go out to dinner and we will NOT talk about anything wedding related". As forced as it was, it did help me focus on everything else going on and enjoy being with my fiance.
  • Exactly everything Erikan73 said.  When you start walking, lock eyes with your fiancé and everyone else becomes a blur.  Take it bit by bit...  You've still got a good chunk of time left and focus on one thing at a time and it'll all come together.  If you look at the big to-do list, it will only make you overwhelmed.

  • i just took about a month break from thinking/talking wedding. It was really due to this being my most stressful time of year at work. I am just recovering from that now, and planning to jump back into wedding after relaxing this weekend. The shower is just two weeks away!
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