Formal Addresses for STDs?

Just curious. I'm sending out STDs to everyone on my invite list right now (about 7 months out). Should I use the formal rules for addressing envelopes like I would for invitations, or is it not as strict/frowned upon to be that formal for the STDs?

Re: Formal Addresses for STDs?

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    Our wedding was fairly casual, so we addressed our save the dates more casually. We did not send them to everyone. We did do our invitations more formal, however.


    It looked something like this.


    Save the dates

    Mary and Bob Jones

    1234 Street Name

    City, State Zip



    Mr and Mrs Bob Jones

    1234 Street Name

    City, State Zip

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  • Thanks! Another question- my parents are paying for and hosting the wedding. The invitations will have their address for the RSVP/return address. Should the STDs also? I am addressing them, but I was planning on putting my mom's name for the return address.
  • Just as the return address, it doesn't matter. The return address is only for the post office to send something back to you if it's non-deliverable for some reason. So whatever works best for you.
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