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So I realized that I do not want a traditional diamond ering.. It's boring and super expensive. However since I love blush colors and blush things I have fell in love with morganite. My only concern is the setting.. I want a verragio or true knot setting/band which is the easy part. But idk where to look and find a quality morganite stone that will fit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance ladies!

Something this color rose gold and all  



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    Paging @goldenpenguin because she has a morganite beauty and can possibly help.
  • Look on etsy for ideas.  I personally would be leery of anything from out of the country but that's just me.  Overall, I LOVE etsy and they have a HUGE selection of rings with any stone you could want both vintage and handmade.
  • Have you seen/felt verragio settings in person? Tbh they are not my personal preference because despite their high price tag, they feel and look a bit cheap. 
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    Just saw this today, sorry about that!! 

    My FI custom designed my ring with a jeweler he knows, but I will absolutely recommend checking out Sam & Sue - that's where I found the initial design for my ring. They have some GORGEOUS designs, some similar to the one you posted above. 

    Here's my ring:


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  • @goldenpenguin That is gorgeous! Very similar to the inspiration ring. The rose gold really plays up the pink colour.
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    Thanks @teddygirl9 :) I am pretty pale, and I love how the pink & rose gold go with my skin tone. 

    I tried on lots of diamonds when we first went ring shopping (FI was skeptical about morganite at first), and while they were all gorgeous, they just didn't feel like "me." As soon as I put on the morganite, I knew it was the one. 

    The funny thing is that I've never been a big "pink" girl - I have always been a tomboy, and pink has always been one of my least favorite colors. I'm glad I changed my mind ;) 


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    @GoldenPenguin - That is GORGEOUS. I was absolutely in love with several morganite rings, all very similar to that one, before I found the non-morganite ring I ended up getting. 

    OP -- I can't help at all with finding loose stones, but the Etsy vendor I most liked when I was initially looking at rings has a ton of really incredible morganite rings. https://www.etsy.com/shop/RosadosBox
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