Private estate or restaurant- which is cheaper? Gannon's?

Hi all- thanks in advance. Planning a 50-person wedding on Maui. Looking at reception options at Gannon's and Lahaina animal farm. Any advice or price points to share? Looks like its cheaper to do reception at a restaurant because it's so expensive to pay an upfront venue fee at a private estate. A bit worried about the alcohol costs at a place like Gannon's however. Any advice would be great!

Re: Private estate or restaurant- which is cheaper? Gannon's?

  • We are getting married on Maui as well.  :) we chose a restaurant (Saltimbocca) because of the ease of not having to bring everything in (plates, cutlery etc) and because we didn't want the party to end at 10pm. 

    I wish we could buy all of our booze at Costco but I'm happy to not have such a strict end time to our very special day.

    good luck! whatever you choose will be amazing.  :)

  • Just a heads up if you use Gannon's they kick out everyone under the age of 21 at 10pm still!
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