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Hey Ladies!!!

It's about 15 minutes to midnight, but I show no signs of slowing on my studies...I need to get through as much as I can this weekend.

Aside from studying, I have my friends halloween party tomorrow night and then prepping for this Storm we are expecting.  I basically have all the necessities but I want to pick up some snack food (stuff I don't have to cook lol!) and some water just in case (my building sent a notice saying that in the event of a power outage, the water will stop lol)

Any cool plans for the weekend??  Wedding related projects?

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Re: Hey Ladies!!!

  • Doing hair and makeup trial. Picking up my invitations. And officially double digits today ! Stay safe !!
  • Nic!!! Be careful in those supermarkets... The crazies are out stocking for the next year! You should come here well make a knottie escape plan! Lol Oh, and have fun at that party!!! I'm so jealous of everyone... Bc of my "long" vacation, I'm working straight through thursday before I'm off! :) PJ's! Have fun with your hair and make up trial! I'm not getting. One and not sure how I feel about that... Guess well see! And ugh, dreaded invitations (for me at least) I couldn't be happier to have those dreaded things done... I hope you have a better time than I do with them- but isn't it crazy exciting to be able to send them out.. Love that... Makes those double digits feel so real!!! Enjoy every second.. It will fly!
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  • My FSIL is doing my trial. I just am trying to fig out my style !!!
  • PJ's...double digits calls for an AW post! 

    Jules- I know, the worst are the old ladies at the supermarket, they are tough! lol!  I think it would be best for you to come to are surrounded by too much water! lol!!  I have water around me too...but at least I'm not on an island :-p
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  • True true... This damn island! Lol
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  • I feel silly but what's AW??? I always wonder when I see it ?!? Ha
  • It means Attention Whore! lol!!
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  • Also, don't feel silly...I am still learning certain acronyms I see on the board...AW was one of the ones where I also was like...whaaat? lol!!
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  • Haha. Will work on that today !!!! Thanks !!!
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