Marriage License - Married in Philly but Residents of Jersey

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me. My fiancé and I live in New Jersey, but are getting married in Philadelphia. City Hall in NJ said we need to apply for a Philly license, but Philadelphia's website says a license acquired there is not valid in any other state. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!

Re: Marriage License - Married in Philly but Residents of Jersey

  • I believe that what they mean is... if you get a marriage license in Philadelphia, you can't use it to get married in any other state.  

    But I would like to follow along because I am in the same boat... NJ residents, PA wedding.  Maybe you could call City Hall and just ask them to explain?
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    A marriage license issued in Philly is valid in any county in PA, that's it. PP is correct, you must get married in PA with that license. Also remember that there is a 3 day waiting period after you get the license before you can use it. 
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