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Nevada-Las Vegas

Maggiano's Reception

edited December 2014 in Nevada-Las Vegas

It seems like Maggiano's is a popular reception choice among many Vegas brides. Looking for the pros/cons as well as comparable restaurants. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Re: Maggiano's Reception

  • Pros : I think it's delicious. We are locals but didn't look at it for a reception space due to the size of our wedding, but I think it's a great location. And delicious. I can't help with the cons for an event there but I know many other Vegas brides will have some insight :smile:
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  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Major Pro: If you use their preferred vendors, the amount you spend on flowers, cake, linens, etc. can be applied toward your minimum.

    Major Con: The service charge does not go to the servers, so you end up paying a service charge plus another 15-20% to tip the servers.

  • Great! I have searched the boards for days and haven't found too many complaints (mainly the tipping issue). Hopefully the room I want is available for my date/time. I have never dined there but we're going to taste some selections at our local restaurant.
  • The issue with a place like Maggianos for us was that we wanted something uniquely Vegas, and a chain wasn't going to give us that.  If you're ok with that it seems like a great place to have a reception.
  • There was only 6 of us so we just had dinner in the regular dining room...but I can tell you the food is delicious! I just reviewed them in my post :)
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