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Does anyone know if there are any places in downtown Chicago that let pastors of different denominations preform marriage ceremonies in the church? My Fiance is Lutheran and I am Catholic, but he would like one of the pastors from his past marry us.  I am very interested in St.James Chapel but so far no one has gotten back to us.  Any feedback would be great! 

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    I dont really undertand what you are asking. Each location doesnt decide the rules of the marriage ceremony, religoius doctrine does. Each individual house of worship has very little wiggle room.  

    Do you want to be married at St James Chapel? Or do you want a Catholic Preist and a Lutheran Pastor to go somewhere to perform a marriage ceremony? Or do you want a Luthern Pastor to come to St James to co- officiant?

    A Catholic Priest will NEVER perform a cermony outside of the chapel, the marriage wouldnt be sanctioned by the church. And its against Canon law.

    Asking a Pastor to come into a Catholic church would be pretty tough considering most Catholic church would probably ask your fi to convert religions. So why would a Lutheran Pastor perform a ceremony if know no one getting married is Lutheran?

    I guess it doesnt hurt to ask. But I think it will be very challenging to find both a Preist and a Pastor to agree to do this.

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