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Fiance's sister's due date...

I need to vent..My fiance's sister is pregnant and her due date is the day after our wedding! Don't get me wrong -- I am happy for them as this is their first baby but I also am worried/sat/upset/feel bad that all of the excitememt over her first baby is going to take away from our wedding day! I especially feel for my fiance - I know he will be upset if for some reason his sister can't be at the wedding! I know there is no way to tell how her pregnancy will go and I Hope it goes well and she is healthy and delivery goes well --- it just fconerns me that if his mom is going to be as focused on him that day and not his sister....am I wrong for feeling this way???!!

Re: Fiance's sister's due date...

  • I think you are being a little selfish...people have the ability to care about more than one person at a time. I think people will be happy for you AND your FSIL if she does have the baby around your wedding.

    Everyone gets ONE day for their wedding, not a week, not a month, not a year. She could deliver early or late and possibly be able to go to your wedding...you never know.
  • My stepsister (who I'm pretty close with) is due 9 days after my wedding. Only time will tell, and we can't do anything about it.  I'm sad there is a possibility that she might not be able to be there, because I love her, but its part of life!  I'm also concerned about my family members being torn about being there for her (if she has the baby early) and being at the wedding.  My hope is she will make it to her due date, we can all celebrate at the wedding, and shortly after, we can celebrate her beautiful baby boy! 

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