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Engagement Pictures, need ideas!

We've decided to do our engagement pictures in April, and I have a few questions. One, I am a natural redhead, so I'm trying to decide the best spring colors to compliment my complexion and hair. I do my own makeup normally, but I think I want to have it done professionally so I can just relax that day. Is it a good idea to just go to a MAC counter, or a Sephora one to get my makeup done? I've heard good and bad things. I know I want a natural look, and I was told that they generally go overboard. 

Also, did anyone wear heels for outside engagement pictures? I think we'll be in the woods or a field for one location, but I'm pretty short, and I'm wearing a dress so I would like my legs to look longer. Did anybody have any problems with heels? 

Re: Engagement Pictures, need ideas!

  • allison09allison09 Newfoundland, Canada member
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    Green would really nice on you and it's a nice spring colour. I think if you get your make up done by a professional, you need to be vocal if they are doing something you didn't ask for. I have a friend who sells Mary Kay, so I'm getting her to do my make up for my engagement photos this weekend.

    One of the things I read regarding engagement photos, is to take a couple of different outfits, so you can change the look and get different options for photos. We are doing one indoor and one outdoor so we're bringing a change of outfit for the different setting.

    If you're going with a dress, I would wear flat boots. That's what I'm wearing, but we also have a lot of snow, so we'll need it.

    Good luck with your engagement photo planning!
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  • esstee33esstee33 Pittsburgh member
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    YES, green! I'm a natural redhead too, and I basically always look good in green or blue. Purple also, but I wouldn't really consider purple to be a "spring" color. 

    If you're planning to go to a makeup counter, be very clear that you're having engagement photos done (some types of makeup don't photograph well) and that you want it to look very natural -- some MUA do go a little overboard, so be ready to say "No, a little less of that, please." 

    If you're walking in grass or the woods, heels are most likely going to be a problem. You could get some heel guards like Solemates or Grasswalkers. Depending on where you live, weather in April could lead to some super squishy ground, though, so I'm not even sure I would risk heels at all -- especially not in the woods. 
  • plainjane0415plainjane0415 The hills of Tennessee member
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    I went to the MAC counter and had my makeup done for my e-pics.  They did a fabulous job, I just told them I wanted neutral shades, and a natural look.  I highly recommend that!

    As far as wardrobe, I also think that navy looks good on redheads, so maybe a navy sundress or something could be a possibility with pops of color in the jewelry? 

  • IceQueenSupreme94IceQueenSupreme94 Riverside, CA member
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    Green is a red heads best friend! I am also a natural redhead and I always tried to stay away from green. However, I finally went out on a limb and bought a dark forest green dress with a gold chain necklace for my engagement party and I received so many compliments on how well the colors went together with my red hair. 
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  • For my e-pics, I did my own makeup specifically because I didn't want to look "overdone", and I think I did a great job. As for the heels, I say wear the heels, but obviously bring a back up pair of flats just in case. I wore flats to the location, then put on my heels when the photos were about to be snapped. Another idea, since you indicated it'll be outside in spring is to find a cute pair of espadrilles or wedge heels. That way you can get the height/length you want without worrying about sinking into the terrain outside. :)
  • Thanks for the replies! Sorry, my phone broke so I haven't been on, but I appreciate all the ideas! I'm definitely thinking dark green or blue. And I didn't even think about wearing wedges, that is a great idea. 
  • In general you want your makeup to be a bit more dramatic than you'd usually do it because it will photograph better. Very subtle makeup will just not photograph well. So even if you look in the mirror and it looks a bit much, on camera it tends to come out softer. (but still let them know you dont want anything too crazy).


    I also like the idea of wedges. 

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