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Thirsty Thursday

Unfortunately, there will be no drinking for me today although happy hour sounds GREAT right now.

I'm in a fantastic mood because:

1) My boss is out today
2) I ordered my wedding band yesterday!!!
3) I have a bunch of plans this weekend including lunch with an old friend, a massage, and date night in the city

What are you plans for the weekend?
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Re: Thirsty Thursday

  • C's son has a wrestling the boonies.... So ill be going to that

    Other than that.....i think that's my only in stone plan.

    That's sad lol
  • God I wish I could drink right now. Fritz was up half the night getting sick. He's sleeping now, but I'm working from home and know that there will be another episode at some point today. DH is out of town, which means I get to clean up ALL the mess. 

    This weekend will be a blast, though! Our friends are coming up from NC to visit us with their 14 month old daughter. We haven't seen them in two years, so we're excited. I have Monday off for President's Day, so hell yeah to a three-day weekend!
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    Still here and still fabulous!

  • what does your wedding band look like, @Hummingbird125?

    I am also off on Monday for MLK Jr. Day (President's Day is in February, and I do not get that day off!).  I am here until 11:30 tomorrow, so it's almost like having a 4 day weekend, right??

    I have a dentist appointment today.  I have a love/hate relationship with the dentist.  I love having freshly cleaned teeth, but I have sensitive teeth and some exposed roots so it's painful.

    I sent in a bag of clothes to thredUP and earned $35, so I just ordered some stuff.  I hope it all fits!! 

    H and I had a long discussion this week and decided to discontinue the Whole30 for now, so last night we went out to eat.  neither one of us enjoyed our food... way too salty and just not satisfying.  H was especially disappointed (he had big dreams for his burger and fries).  I still haven't had any dessert or sugar, so go me!!  I am going to try the Flat White at Starbucks this weekend, though...

    what's wrong with your pup, @cu97tiger
  • I have a 3 day weekend coming up so I am off on Monday.  I have 3 shows this weekend and rehearsal on Saturday morning.  Even on my day off I have errands to run.  I think tonight I'm going to have a few shots of lemoncello, just because and I have no rehearsals tonight either :-)


  • We are having dinner with MIL tonight at Ted's Montana Grill. I've been dying for a cheese burger lately so I'm going to eat all the food tonight.

     I'm also switching my phone plan finally. I've been on a family plan since I've had a phone with my family and I've just been paying my Dad. It hasn't been expensive but when I find something cheaper that's what I'm going for. So DH and I are joining a family plan with his mom. She has worked for ATT since they were Bellsouth and her rates are extremely cheap according to DH. So when I switch my phone bill should hopefully decrease by about $15-$20 I think.
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    Hummingbird125 Exciting!What gold/design did you chose?
    A massage sounds really good..

    @IrishDreamer it's still Thursady you never know what might come up!

    @cu97tiger sending some get well soon vibes

    We have to go change two shirts friends got Fi for his name day.
    One doesn't fit,but it's a gift from our man of honor,so I hope we find a size.
    The other one hopefully will give me a check from our to-buy list,a green one.
    Either than that,some work for me tomorrow and then nothing big for the weekend.
    We have to check some restaurants,and possibly having lunch with his parents on Sunday.

  • @marylab, what is "name day"?
  • @cu97tiger, vibes for Fritz!
    @hummingbird125, what does your wedding band look like?
    Ugh I am tired. We found two different teal ties that might work because apparently I swiped the "chameleon daisy" from my mom's stash and the petals are two. different. colors. I cannot deal. We bought both of them and we'll compare to the ribbon this weekend. The worse match will go back.

    Otherwise I have writing to review this morning (yay job security!) and once I'm done with that (in less than 5 hours - it's all the time I have left this week, boo half-time jobs), I'll work on my paper database for my dissertation.

    Tonight is for knitting, for myself for a change. I'm making a cozy for my phone so I can put it into pockets, bags, etc. without worrying about it getting scratched all to hell. I'm about half done with it, so when I finish it's back to the baby blankets. Yay stashbusting! 
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    @CocoBellaF It's part of the Orthodox Church festivities which exist here.
    Almost every day of the year is dedicated to a saint/feast,so if you're christened
    with a saint's name you have a name day.There are some exceptions like if your
    name is Christos or Chris you celebrate on Christmas day. etc.
    Fi's name is John,and on 07.01 it's celebration of John the Baptist.
    Traditionally you celebrate your name day more than your actual birthday.
    But you do pretty much the same things minus the cake and candles of course.
    It was the first year living together that we were able to invite people home,not working and free.I'm still dealing with people not showing and telling us they would..a ton of wasted food,and gifts I have to change/organize.But it was fun!

  • @KeptInStitches can I say how much I LOVE that you are trying to
    match as close as possible things by color?
    Everyone thinks I'm loony for doing it.

  • @Hummingbird125 - I agree, once you start eating healthy, whole foods it's hard to eat unhealthy stuff!  and I really like that band you've picked out, it's beautiful. 
  • Hummingbird125 It's gorgeous!I love the blue,and I admit it's the first one I see 
    made like this.And yay for the deal!

  • Right now I am thirsty for my tea...I would like to mainline it if possible.

    @cu97tiger - I'm sorry Fritz is still sick! Any idea what's wrong?

    @southernpeach89 - I'm really torn about changing my phone plan. I've had the same plan for years and I have a TON of data (since I signed up before they realized they should charge an arm and a leg for data), but FI said he might be able to get me onto their family's company plan after we're married...I would love for someone else to pay for my phone, but I feel like I'd be getting a crappier plan.

    @Hummingbird125 - Love that wedding band. FI and I need to order rings...which means he needs to decide what he wants!

    Feeling very blah today. I went to bed earlier last night but was waking up every couple of hours and I'm not sure why. It was probably the cat annoying me or my upstairs neighbour making noise. I cannot wait to get out of my apartment!! Anyways, I'm tired today, and am going to lose most of my day to meetings, so I don't see a lot of productivity.

    Tonight FI and I have to talk about mortgage numbers, what kind of car we want to trade in for, and some wedding stuff. All very grown up. And expensive.

    No major weekend plans. We haven't been to the movies for ages so maybe a movie, and I'm probably spending Saturday afternoon cooking with FMIL and FSIL. FSIL is expecting a baby next month so we're planning on doing a bunch of cooking that she can freeze and pull out later on. I think I'm getting some of the freezer meals too, so yay! I could use a bit of a re-stock.



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  • @Swazzle - I hope the closing and walk-through runs smoothly and you don't wake up sore tomorrow from all the painting you have to do tonight.  congrats on the new place!! 
  • @swazzle Yay so excited for you today!

    @hummingbird125 I love that wedding band, so pretty!

    @minskat30 yay for granite countertops today!!! I can't wait for pics when everything is done.


  • @CocoBellaF - I also have a dentist appointment today!  Also: ThredUp = totally awesome.

    @Hummingbird125 - That band is absolutely stunning.

    @Swazzle - Closing is so stressful!  Sending all the vibes that everything goes well and there are no problems.

    I'm "working from home" today, which means I'm running a ton of errands and taking my laptop with me to catalog research photos while I'm waiting for my car to get worked on.  I have a dentist appointment this morning, and a meeting with the priest this afternoon.  I've decided to go ahead and join the Church at I'm SUPER EXCITED.  But I need to talk with him about the actual process, especially whether or not I can get confirmed at the Abbey church (he's a monk and a priest), or if I need to go talk to the priest at the other parish in town.

    This weekend will be full of working, since I didn't get hardly anything done on my dissertation this week and I need to spend a few hours playing catch up.  Tomorrow I have a lady doctor appointment, which I'm really dreading.  I have to have a pap, and last year's pap was abnormal, so I'm just sort of not looking forward to this at all.  I also need to have a serious BC conversation...I'm thinking about trying the mini-pill, since it doesn't contain estrogen and I have a history of migraines.  Anybody else have migraines and keep using BC?  Any advice?

    OK, if I don't leave now I'll be late for the dentist.  Check in with you lovely ladies later!
  • @cocobellaf - I'm not sure. It's the third time in three weeks he's gotten sick. :(

    @hummingbird125 - Holy crap, YES, it seems exactly like I'd imagine having a sick toddler would be. You can't do anything for them but be there to pick up the mess and rub their belly.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

  • @futuremrshistorian - I've recently (in the last year) started to have migraines and I'm still on BC.  we lowered the dose of estrogen for a while but it didn't help, and I do better on a higher dose of estrogen.  I take a preventive pill every night for the migraines and as long as I'm not exercising really hard or running in the heat, I can keep the migraines away.
  • @goldenpenguin, good luck shopping for the dining room set!
    @swazzle, yay closing day! Still crossing all the things.
  • @futuremrshistorian I have migraines and I'm a pill that weens you off instead of the last week being all sugar pills.  So it is three weeks of hormones (but low compared to other pills), two days of half the amount of hormones, then 3 days of sugar pills.  I've been on it for a few years and haven't had any issues with my migraines. The pack I have is Viorele (not sure if that is the pill or generic though).
  • @speakeasy14 - it just isn't a good fit for us.  we already eat whole, clean foods and we have a lot of events coming up.  it did get me back in the habit of cooking for the couple weeks we did it, and we're not snacking/eating desserts, so I got out of it what I wanted to.  :)
  • @swazzle Yay for closing day!

    @futuremrshistorian sounds exciting!Are you just changing Church or something else?

    @goldenpenguin Good luck!

    @speakeasy14 In this house,there is ALWAYS cake haha
    Usually not ours though,but I did make two.One for the brunch I hosted,
    and the other one was in honor of a close friend birthday the day before,so
    there was cake!Chestnut and praline chocolate flavors :)
    And I vote yes for the sign.When our best man comes here,I always try
    to make it memorable,once I didn't have paper so I found an AngryBirds balloon and wrote on it.

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