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Rehearsal Dinner Invite Drama

I just got the invitation for the RD from my future in-laws, and it's all wrong. The date is wrong, and there is zero information about when it starts or where it is. It's basically an invitation for the rehearsal, which I was under the impression wasn't their responsibility. My mom's really pissed because a) she hates my FMIL and wants any reason to be pissed at her, and b) she feels that isn't not their responsibility to host the rehearsal, just the dinner and that they're overstepping their bounds.

What do y'all think? Is there anything I can do, or just let it go?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invite Drama

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    The rehearsal doesn't  require a host, but I'd let that go. What difference does it make?

    Fi should verify that his mother has the correct information for the rehearsal and dinner. How could she get the date wrong? Give her a chance to correct it. Somehow, you should get the correct information to the guests.
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